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Washington County Post, Jan 26, 1847

Odds and Ends


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Fatal Disaster:
We learn from the Troy papers on Saturday Eve. the 16th inst, a sudden tremendous gale passed thru the lower part of the city blowing down the west wall of the Clinton foundry owned by Johnson, Green & Co. killing Joseph Coffuld, aged 22,Michael Madigan, aged 19, John Allen, formerly of West Troy, aged 25,and injures several other workers.

The Albany Evening journal informs us that on the 16th inst, the city of Norfolk, VA. was visited by a serious conflagration which damaged and destroyed several stores. the loss is supposed to exceed 60,000. the property was mostly insured. Two boys were burned to death.

Large Hogs:
We are credibly informed on the 21st of Oct last, one of the smallest of seventeen pigs, owned by the Hon. John Crary of this town, weighed one hundred and sixty pounds. It was 4 months old on the 4th day of that month. On the 18th inst, the sow and pig were slaughtered. the sow weighted six hundred and twenty-four and the pig two hundred three pounds.  They were of the Berkshire stock but not pure blood.

Disastrous Shipwreck- Forty Lives Lost:
Under the caption the Albany Evening Journal publishes a letter dated Reuvitas (Cuba) Dec 29,1846,in which the writer gives the particulars of a most disastrous shipwreck. It appears on the night of the 19th inst, The ship Creole, Captain Cayal of New Orleans, with 1127 passengers on board struck on a reef about six miles westward of Point Matererllos. the ship was bound from Bordeaux to New Orleans. Before the passengers could be gotten to the shore, the ship went to pieces and 40 of the passengers with the Capt and the cook were drowned. the passengers lost everything, some of them not having time to dress themselves.
The writer adds:
The captain could have saved himself, but he refused to leave the wreck until all the passengers had been taken off, saying at the same time, that he had little desire to live after having been the cause of lamentable life and property. the first mate, Mr. Day, who remains in charge of the wreck, also behaved notably in saving lives of the passengers. But the second mate who was left in charge by Mr. Day, who came here to get assistance acting with four of the sailors plundered the passengers of their money, threatening their lives in case they resisted, and even cutting off the fingers and ears of the dead bodies for the jewelry they had about them. The monsters then took a boat and left the wreck, but were stopped by the officers of the fort at the mouth of the river and are here in prison, to be dealt severely with if claimed by their respective consuls.

In this village, yesterday morning, by Rev.A.B. Lambert, Mr. Mason Pearce of Hampton, to Miss Amanda Blossom, of this place.
In Hebron, on the 14th inst, by Rev. E. Noble, Mr Nathaniel Safford, of this town, to Miss_____ Vandenburg of Easton.

At Janesville, Wis. on the 28th ult Me. E.C. Dickinson, to Miss Sarah R. Gibbs, sister of Mrs. Alfred W. Upham, of New York And of Leonard Gibbs, Esq. of this county.

In this village, on Saturday morning the 23rd inst, after along and painful illness, Sarah, daughter of Abner Austin, in the 31st year of her age.

By the subscriber sometime between Sunday morning, the 10th inst. and Wed. the 13th inst. $25- Three five dollar bills and the rest one dollar bills, said money was lost either in the streets of this village, or on the road leading east hereto for. Anyone who will return it to the subscriber or leave it at the office of the Washington County Post, shall be liberally rewarded.
Charlotte Youlin

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