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Washington County Post, July 7, 1846

Odds and Ends


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In this town on the 2nd inst. by the Rev. Mr. Rondthaler, Mr. Jediah Darrow of Salem to Miss Agnes Hinds of Hebron.

St. John's (N.F.) in Ruins:

On the morning of the 12thult.about two-thirds of the buildings in St. John's N.F., were consumed by fire. The buildings on two streets, each a mile long) have been totally destroyed, and twelve thousand persons have been rendered houseless. St. John's Church, The Cathedral Church of England, the courthouse, Jail, the commercial rooms, Marine Insurance, Agricultural Society's Museum Bank of British North America, the Ordinance Store, the Nunnery Store and Nunnery Printing Office, and a large number of dwelling houses, mercantile establishments, mechanics shops, and c. and c. were burnt to the ground. five and six thousand persons were compelled to pass the night of that dreadful day in the open air, in front of the government house. The churches and public buildings that were left standing were afterward hastily fitted up to shelter those who were deprived of homes by this awful calamity. the paper mentions the lose of life of three persons, two of them artillerymen occasioned by the blowing up of a house, and the other an old man who had saved his bed and other articles from the flames, but who sank under the weight as he was carrying them to a place of safety, and immediately expired.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office of Salem July 1st,1846:
Pardon Austin,Heirs of Lt. Cornelius Baldwin, Byron Beninger, W. Bullen, Esq., Miss Jane Collins, Hiram Cook, George Draper, Woster & Dun, Charles Forbes,C. D. Green, Harrison Granger, Amos Harris, Elijah Haastings, Esq., Henry B. Kent, Heirs of Lt. John Langdon, Richard Murch, Miss Mary McKallor, Miss Martha Ann Murray, John Maidment, Peter Martin, Mitchell and Gere, Miss Sarah Mare, Heirs of Capt. Joseph Norton, Heirs of Lt. Reuben Pride, William Perkins, Esq., Heirs of Ezekiel Roberts, Sidney Root, Josiah Richmond, William Roach, John Stevenson, Esq., Patrick Scully, William A. Shiel, Seth Sweet 2, A.B. Tubbs 3, Andrew B. Tubbs, Esq., Joseph Trask, Daniel Weed,Esq.,Nelson Watson. A.M. Proudfit, P.M.

Capt. Samuel H. Walker,the brave Texas Ranger, is the son of the late Nathan Walker, of Prince George's Co, Maryland and is about 31 years of age. He left home as a private with the Washington Volunteers in 1830, served through the Florida war, and then emigrated to Texas.


Broke into the enclosure of the subscriber in Jackson, on the 15th inst., a large bay horse colt, apparently three years old. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges, and take him away.
Ebenezer Larmoth Dated Jackson, June 22,1846

Pursuant to an order of Luther Wait, Surrogate of the county of Washington..... Notice is hereby given to all persons who have claims against Henry Matthews, late of the town of Salem, in said county, deceased, to exhibit same with the vouchers thereof,t o William McKie & James McKie, executors of the last will and testament of said deceased. Please pay promptly.

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