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Washington County Post, Sept 15, 1846

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A short time ago, a merchant, in prosecuting his morning touring the suburbs of Edinburgh, found as he walked along a purse containing a considerable amount of money. He observed a lady at a considerable distance, who he thought might be the owner and loser.  Determined to be correct in the party to whom he delivered it, he fell upon a strange yet ingenious plan to effect this.  He resolved to act the part of a "poor distressed tradesman", and boldly went forward, hat in hand, and asked Alms. This was answered by a polite: "Go Away.  I have nothing to give you."
The poor man, however, persisting in his entreaties, would not go to until he got assistance for his famishing wife and children." The lady for reasons no doubt, similar to Mrs. MC Clarity's, at last condescended, but to her dismay found that the wherewith was gone. The merchant ,now satisfied he was correct, with a polite bow returned the purse, with an advice that, in the future, she would more generous to the distressed and destitute.

Stage Robbery:
We understand that a trunk belonging to an English Gentleman on his way to Canada, was cut from the boot of the Middle Line Stage, last evening somewhere between this place and Granville, It has not yet been found. It seems the robbers, whoever they were obtained the wrong trunk, an another one owned by the same traveler, was on the stage at the time, containing several thousand dollars in specie, There was nothing but clothing on the trunk stolen. Whitehall Democrat.-Friday

On Tuesday last the Brewery Establishment and Malthouse Of R. Boyd & Co. fronting on Franklin and Arch St. Albany, the rear building of the Mineral Spring Gardens with the shrubbery and a row of dwelling houses on Green St. with the exceptions of the corner building on Franklin and Arch Sts. were destroyed by fire. This disaster left several poor families houseless.

Suicide of Felix G. McConnel:
The Troy, NY Post of Saturday morning contains the following:
The Honorable F.G. McCONNELL, the member of Congress from Alabama, so noted for his intemperance during the last session committed suicide at the St. Charles Hotel in Washington on Thursday last by stabbing himself 8 times in the neck and stomach with a large clasp knife while under the influence of mania a pout. The verdict of the coroner 's inquest was in accordance with the above facts. The clerk of the House took charge of the body.

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