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Washington County Post, 12/19/1839

Odds and Ends


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DIED:In Easton on the 16th of November last, of pulmonary consumption,Mrs. Sarah CRANDALL, wife of Joseph CRANDALL,in the 75th year of her age. Mrs C. having embraced christianity at an early age and practiced its precepts through life,she enjoyed the consolation at death and departed with a full assurance of a blissful immortality beyond the grave.

In Sandy Hill on the 6th inst.,Mrs.Aurinda CLARK, consort of Dr. Russell CLARK, ae 52 years.

By order of David Woods,a Judge of Washington County Coourts and Counsellor in the Supreme Court. Notice is hereby given, ppursuant to the provisions of the statue authoriizinfg attachments against absconding debtors,that an attachment has been issued against the estate of Osmon DOLPH, an absconding debtor and the same will be sold for the payments of hisdebts unless he appear and discharge such attachments according to the law, within three months from the first publication of this notice and that payments of any debt due him by residents of this state,and the delivery to him or for his use of any property within this State belonging to him, and the transfer of any property by him,are forbidden by laaw and are void. Dated 16th Dec 1839. Hiram LAWRENCE attaching creditor.


WANTED:-A journeyman at the cabinet making business.None need apply unless industrioous and steady habits.to such a one study employ will be furnished during the winter. ennquuire of the subscriber. James H. SEYMOUR Salem, NY Dec 16,1839


All persons indebted to the late firm of ALLEN & STEVENSON are requested to call and settle immediately or their accounts will be left in the hands of a Justice for collection. the books will be found at the office lately occupied by the said firm. Salem 24 Sept 1839 Newell Allen Agent...

READ,THINK,AND ACTall the demands,notes and accounts due Alonzo GRAY has beeen placed in the hands of the subscriber for collection. All persons indebted to Alonzo GRAY will pleaee callnd pay the amounts due,immediately and save costs.

All unpaid demands will be sued on the first day of Jan.next. Salem,NY Nov 27,1839 David Hawley.

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