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Washington County Post, December 29, 1846

Odds and Ends


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WASHINGTON COUNTY POST, Salem, NY December 29, 1846


In Washington by the Rev. Mr. Robs, Levin D. Slamm, Esq. of NY to Jane Marshall of Washington.

The following solemn caution written in plain English, by Mrs. Elizabeth Peters of Boone County, Indiana appears in the papers of that state.
Left my bed and board last fall, thereby rendering my expenses lighter, my husband, John Peters, without cause or provocation. All the old maids, and young girls, and widows of all ages and conditions are hereby forewarned against harboring or trusting him on my account, as I am determined not to be held liable for his debts or more especially his conduct, because he is a loafer, a drunkard, a gambler, a liar, a thief, and a supporter of Jimmy Polk.

Harman Wallender, a discharged Sgt. of the US Artillery, and who lost a leg at Palo Alto, was robbed of all his savings,$90. On landing at New Orleans.

A Pauper Story ~ Distressed Emigrants:
Two vessels arrived in this port on Monday, having on board 312 passengers,34 of whom were dead, and 41 in such a miserable plight as to be sent to the city hospital, where they are wavering between life and death. One of the vessels was the Livonia from Bremen, whence she sailed on the 1st of September-having been out 110 days . The other was the Pontiac from Liverpool whence she sailed Oct 20th, having been out 63 days. The captain of the Pontiac is G. W. Tucker, who called at the alms house and mentioned the following particulars. the number of deaths on board his ship was 19. The entire navigation divided upon himself and six sailors. His first and second mates being taken sick, the former was a raving maniac during the whole passage, He had crossed the ocean a number of times and had never experienced such a severe and protracted storm before; his last loaf of bread had been distributed among the passengers some three days before he made the port.  And he says the sufferings of all on board were melancholy in the extreme. These are facts which aught to command the immediate action of our city authorities with regard to the importation of paupers. 
N.Y. Express

In White Creek on the 22nd inst. by Rev. Mr. Harwood, Mr. Horace P. Stone of Jackson to Miss Sophia Beebes of the former place.

In this town on the 18th inst. Mrs. Jane widow of Mr. Abner Carswell ae about 80 years.

In Cambridge on the 21st inst, very suddenly, Nathan Skinner, Esq. one of the oldest and most respectable inhabitants of said town, aged 78 years.


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