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Washington County Post, 2/28/1844



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Washington County Post Salem, NY Feb 28, 1844

Henry Clay of Kentucky for President.

Arrival of the Hibernia:The Hibernia left Liverpool on the afternoonof the 3rd inst.She brings advices nineteen days later. To this country the most important intelligence is a steady and continued rise in the price of cotton.Since the 26th of January immense sales have been made at advancing prices. The Irish State Trials engross public attention on the other side of the water. The english and Irish Papers are filled with details of the proceedings. The LOndon Times devotes 13 columns to the doings of a single day.

The news of the death of Prince Albert's father,the Prince of SAxe Coburg Gotha,was recieved in London on the afternoon of the 3rd.inst.

Sir Frances Burdett,died at his residence in London on the 23rd ult. and his lady having died a few days before, they were buried together on the 26th.

Horrible and Fatal Duel: Washington Friday 3P.M. Feb. 16th.

I regret to say a fatl duel was fought this morning near Saratoga,NY over the Virginia LIne. the parties were Mr. Julian May,of no profession,son of old Dr. May,and Mr. Joseph Cochrane,brother of Mr. Cochrane, chief Clerk of the War Office.They fought with rifles,and almost *ere*the word "fire" was given,Cochrane ,was shot dead. They had quarrelled about dancing with some lady at the Assembly Rooms.had been reconciled,then met last night at a billard room,played till 5 o'clock this morning when they quarrelled.Cochrane called May a liar and coward.May went out and sent a challenge-they fought,and in four hours Cochrane was dead. the seconds are to be Messrs Cole and Ash. Tribune.....

Deceased Persons List of Administrators;

David D. Gray late of Salem Sally Ann Gray
Nathan Hanna of White Creek Sarah Hanna
Robert I. Law late of Salem Edward and Issac Law

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