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Washington County Post, 3/18/1841

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Washington County Post,Salem, NY March 18,1841

Death Of Several Persons By Breathing Hydrogen Gas.

About 10 O'clock on sunday morning,Mr. HORST, a teacher of piano,uneasy at finding the house in which he lived was infected with a strong odor of gas,sent for the chief agent to ascertain the cause.

They began by examining the ground floor,and on coming to the kitchen of an apartment occupied by the family of BERINGER,a dealer in glass and other articles from the Black Forrest,stifled groans and other signs of a dying person were heard from an adjoining room. It then occured to Mr.HORST that although the day was far advanced not one of this family had been seen stirring. He therefore called for assistance,and had the rooms whence the ominous sounds issued forced open. It was in darkness,the shutters being still closed. When light was admitted the following horrible spectacle presented itself. Six persons were lying in different positions,either dead or in the last agonies.M. BERINGER was lying in the middle of the chambers,with his face to the ground entirely dressed,except his coat and waistcoat. Near him and in front of a stove lay the servant,a young girl,completely clothed. The wife who was alos dressed was lying on her bed,with the youngest child,a little girl seven years old.On a mattress, near the window was one of the two sons,fifteen years of age, with his drawersand waist coat on, and near him on the floor,his brother in his shirt. all was foaming at the mouth,hada their features contracted and of a violet color, and their limbe distorted and stiff,as if they had been suffering violent convulsions. Not one of them showed any signs of life except the father and mother. In was afterwards found that a considerable issue of gas had taken place from the pipes into the house, and had no doubt caused the accident. In the evening M.BERINGER was still alive,but not expected to survive.His wife remained in a state of delirium.


The MOBILE REGISTER says that a man by the name of CRUMB was killed on Tues. last near NEW ORLEANSby an elephant attached to menagerie. It appears tat there were two of these animals in company,the deceeased being the keeper of one to whiuch he addressed some words,the other elephant immediately struck him with his trunk,knocking him and the horse which he was on down and taking him up in his mouth,crushed him to death.


Mr.S. FURSMAN,Captain of the Watch has communicated to us the particulars of a most horrid case of burning that occured in this city last night.A little after seven a messanger came to the watchhouse requesttting Capt. F to repair with ediacl assistance to the house of JOHN THATCHER,near the canal. On reaching the house,a littlee child nearly a year old,was found on the floor near the door, in the agonies of deathfrom burns it had recieved,and its wretched mother was sitting on the edge of the bed with the right side ,breast and face burned nearly to a crisp,and in a state of beastly intoxication,approaching to unconsciousness. before any medical assistance was rendered the child died and the mother expected to live but a few hours. The child is supposed to haven fallen into the fire,and the woman,with an instinct of maternal feeling,which even intoxication could not utterly extinguish,probably caught up her off spring and held her to her breast and communicated the flames to her own clothes. It was sad and horribleexemplification of the curse of intemperance.




All persons indebted to the late firm of S.L. VIELE & CO.are hereby requested to call and settle the same with out delay,that the administers of the estqte ofS.L.VIELE deceased,mmaybe enabled to close the same with as delay as possible. S.L. VIELE surviving partner

Fort Miller 17 Feb. 1841


Washington Co. SS________ Notice is hereby given that distribution of the money arising from the real estate of THOMAS McKIBBON,late of Arglye, deceased, by John G.PARKER Surrogate of the county,at his office in Granville.

DAted March 1,1841 J.C. Parker

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