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Washington County Post, 5/5/1846

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#7 Washington County POST Salem, NY May 5,1846


On the 30th ult, by the Rev I.O. Fillmore, Mr. William W. Curtis to Miss Freelove Warner, daughter of Mr. Solomon Warner of Jackson.

In Sandgate, VT., on the 30th ult. by the the Rev. George W. Freeman, Mr. William R. Matteson of West Rupert, VT. to Miss Sarah A. Botsford of the former place.

In Hebron, McHenry County, IL, on the 1st of January last, Mr. Henry King, formerly of this town, to Miss Catherine Record, both of Hebron.

On the 22nd ult. in the 1st Colored Presbyterian Church, NY. by Rev. Charles B. Ray, Rev. Theodore Sedgewick Wright, pastor of said Church to Miss Martha M. Ackerly of Brookhaven, L.I.

In Danby, VT. on the 21st ult. by the Rev. Stephen Martindale, Mr. William P. Robertson of North white Creek, NY to Miss Sylvia H. daughter of Elery Staples of Danby, VT.


At Canterbury, Orange County, NY on the 11th ult. Catherine, youngest daughter of Rev. William Cruickshank, in the 15th year of her age.

In this town on the 28th ult. Margaret Ann, oldest daughter of Peter Cruickshank, Jr. in the 15th year of her age.

Bound for a few sad, fleeting years
A thorn clad path to tred,
Oh, For the living spare those tears
You lavish o'er the dead.
Oh, weep not the friends that pass
Into the lonesome grave
As breezes sweep the withered grass
Along the restless wave,
For though thy pleasures may depart
And darksome days be given
And lonely though on earth though art,
Yet bliss await the holy heart
When friends rejoin in Heaven.


In Whitehall on the 29th inst, the Hon. Melancton Wheeler in the 70th year of his age.  He was born in Huntington, LI June 13th,1770-has been for more than half a century a resident of Whitehall and was one of the oldest inhabitants. His history is intimately connected with the rapid growth of this village and with institutions of benevolence designed to alleviate the sufferings of the indigent and unfortunate. He will long be remembered as the unfailing friend of the poor.

In 1823 he established the "Whitehall Female Benevolent Society" which is still in active operation, and has never failed to encourage its members by his afforests and contributions. As a politician Judge Wheeler is extensively known in his native state. He was a member of the body who 1821 revised our Constitution, and has also been for a series of years connected with the Assembly and Senate of this state. The prominent position he accepted in those bodies may be inferred from his printed speeches and the testimony of the press. He was also a Judge of the Washington County courts.
Mr. Wheeler was snatched from public life by a sudden attack of disease about three years since-subsequently until his death he was mostly confined to his house. the machinery of existence has been gradually wearing out, and yesterday about 9 A.M. "The weary wheels of life stood still." Thus
" Lighter than air earth's human visions die, If but one fleeting cloud obscures the sky." Whitehall April 30th,1846. Whitehall Chronicle.
On the 26th ult. Deborah Raymond, died in Oneida County ae 102 years and 5 months

Whipped To Death:

The Shawnee-Town( Illinois) Gazette of the ninth inst. mentions a disgraceful occurrence which took place in Vienna near that place.  A man names Kersey, from Marion stopped at Vienna over night, the next morning he stated he had been robbed of over a $100.Suspicion fell upon a Negro man, they endeavored to make him confess his guilt but without success. At length, it was determined to take him out and whip him.  Accordingly he was taken out, tied up, and the lash laid on by Kersey, and several others. After several places had been names by the Negro as to where he had concealed the money, and each found to be false, the whipping was repeated. At length some of the bystanders interfered declaring the Negro could not bear any further punishment and forcibly cut him down. He was then conveyed toward the jail, but before reaching that, and within fifteen minutes after he was cut loose he dropped down dead.


A "downeast " Paper publishes the following advertisement. It is certainly a decided hit at a very unmannerly and vulgar practice.


One hundred and seventy-five young men of all shapes and sizes, from the all and graceful dandy with hair enough on his upper works to stuff a barbers cushion down to the little hump-backed, freckled face bow-legged carrot headed upstart. the object is to form a gaping corps to be in attendance at the church doors on each Sabbath before the commencement of divine services, to stare at the females as they enter, and make delicate gentlemanly remarks on their person and dress. All who wish to enlist in the above corps, will appear at the various church doors next Sabbath morning, where they will be duly inspected and their names, appearances and quantity of brains registered in a book kept for that purpose and published in the newspapers. In order to Prevent a general rush, it will be well to state none will be enlisted who possess intellectual capabilities above that of a well bred donkey.

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