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Washington County Post, June 1841

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A friend of the editor's of the Lebanon Star, writes them from North Bend,IN.that he is engaged in preparing the mound or burial place for the reception of the body of President HARRISON, He describes it as "a very elevated spot,a short distance west of the dwelling house and opposite the mouth of the tunnel to the Whitewater Canal." this sppot is conspicous from the Ohio River and is perhaps the best that could have been chosen.A vault is being built upon it,and it is to be enclosed with a plain though neat and substantial fence-harmonizing in this paticular,the writer appropiately says" with the life and character of a man who is to repose within its pale."Trees enough of the original growth have been left upon the mound to shade it and give it at once an appearance of great beauty.Such it should have,for it will be a pilgrim spot in this country, whither thousands will repair yearly in respect of the memoryof the great-good departed. Troy Daily Whig

On Friday last ,a dwelling house in the village of KInderhook,NY was burned down. It was occupied by a colored family,five of its inmates, two grown persons and three childrenperished in the flames.


In this town on Tuesday the 22nd inst. Rev Mr. Stalker of Argyle,NY ,Mr Thomas S. STEELE to Miss Isabella FENWICK,both of this town.

A train of wagons,, ten in number say the BUFFALO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER,and filled with DUNKARS,MORMONS,or some infatuated creatures,passed our office this morning on the way to NAVOO,or some newly discovered paradise. They did not take shipping,but intend to travel the whole distant some 800 miles in their vehicles.


Jarvis P.RENDELL & wife PATIEINCE OF Cambridge to Luther RUNDELL

William MOWERY VS. Arvin WILSON & Sarah his wife, Noah DAY JR. & Susan,his wife,Susan WILSON,Polly WILSON,Luke WILSON, John WILSON of Whitehall,  Stephen CLAPP of Salem, Samuel LYTLE of Argyle, Rogers TURNERS,  of Granville, Wanton BUMP of Hartford, James W. PORTER, Elisha BILLINGS

Sold same at the courthouse in Salem.

In pursuance of an order of the surrogate of Washington county,NY Notice is hereby given to the persons having claims against the estate of James FLACK,late of Hebron,having vouchers presented to Benjamin WILSON.

Anyone having claims against Ruel BEEBElate of White Creek to present vouchers to Josiah DUNTON & Josial KELLOGG,administrators.

Notice is hereby given for claims against the estate of of Stephen L. VIELE of Ft. Miller, NY,deceased. L.S. Viele, G.A. Sturdevant, Administrators.

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