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Conneaut Ohio, Citizen


Extra special thanks to Holice B. Young for being such a trooper and typing a ton of old news articles! Without her this project wouldn't be here!



From the Conneaut, Ohio, Citizen.

"One of the most singular occurrences we have heard of is a profile of a man upon a window pane on the north side of the house at Ashtabula Harbor, occupied at present by Mr. Charles Lynn. D. B. Geary visited the place on Thursday, for the purpose of gratifying his curiosity, and reports as follows: The outlines of this strange picture were first noticed some six weeks ago, gradually being developed until on the occasion of his visit, the profile was perfect, and the expression of the eyes particularly sharp and clear. Mr. Geary states that while looking at it there seemed to be no escape from the stare; get into what position you will they eye seems to rest upon you with piercing sharpness. The profile represents a man of middle age, very heavy full beard, with turn down collar. Some days ago Mr. Lynn sold the sash containing this profile to a gentleman for the sum of $25.00. Upon being removed from its position in the house no trace of the strange picture could be seen, but upon being replaced it was as plain to the eye as before. This marvel is attracting people by hundreds, the road to and from the house being constantly thronged with visitors anxious to witness the sight. The Hon. B. f. Wade and lad are among those who have visited the place. Mr. Geary states that all attempts to wash it off have been without the least effect, although the strongest acids have been applied. The coloring, which is just enough to give character to the image, is of a variegated smoke, slightly tinged with blue. Here seems to be a nut for naturalists to crack, which, if accidentally done, will relieve great curiosity and much superstition."

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