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Death of George E. Gilbert


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The announcement of the death of Geo. E. Gilbert, of this city, will be received with regret over a wide circle. Deceased was agent for G. w. Vaughn. He left home in his usual health a few days ago to attend to some business up the valley. While at Albany he was attacked with cholera morbus, and was brought down yesterday at his own wish, that he might be with his family. He was very ill while in the cars and had to be carried home n a stretcher. On arriving at his house alarming symptoms developed themselves and he gradually became worse until about 10 o'clock, when he expired. Mr. Gilbert was a man of fine presence and manner, hale and hearty looking, and was highly esteemed. He was about forty-two years of age, and leaves a wife and seven children. He was a member of Columbia Engine Company, No. 3, and of Cleanthe Order of Druids. The members of the latter organization meet this evening to make arrangements for the funeral of their deceased brother.


In yesterday's BULLETIN, we reported among the overland passengers arrived in San Francisco, last Saturday night, with General O. O. Howard, Captain Joseph A. Sladen and Captain M. C. Wilkinson. On referring to the Army Register FOR 1844, we find that Captain Sladen was born in England, and appointed to the Army from Massachusetts, in March, 1866, as Second Lieutenant in the Seventeenth Infantry. He was breveted Captain in March, 1867, and promoted First Lieutenant and assign to the Fourteenth Infantry December 1870.

Captain Melville C. Wilkinson is a native of New York, from which State he was appointed. In 1862 he served as First Lieutenant of the Twenty-third Volunteers, and subsequently in the One Hundred and Seventh. In 1866 he was appointed Second Lieutenant of the Forty-second Infantry, was transferred to the Sixth, April, 1869, and in August, 1870, was assigned to the Third Infantry as brevet First lieutenant. In January 1871, he was promoted to First lieutenant. He has been Captain of Volunteers and brevet Captain in the Regular Army.

Portland, 1874

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