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Tecunseh's Tomahawk


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The killing of the celebrated Indian Chief Tecumseh, at the battle of the Thames, October 13, 1813, is an incident of American history almost universally known. But it is not so generally known that at the Museum in this city can be seen the identical tomahawk and pipe combined which the great chief carried with him in that bloody contest, and which was one of the trophies of the victory, captured at the time by Major Beches of Vincennes, who served under Colonel Richard M. Johnson, the slayer of Tecumseh. Subsequently Major Beches presented it to Thomas Bond, Esq., of Fredericksburg, Maryland, from whom it descended to his nephew, Elijah Bond, and thence to his daughter, Mrs. E. L. Bond, of Trenton, Illinois, who presented it to a relative, and thus it found its way to Portland, and into the Museum. It is a handsome weapon of the kind, of fine workmanship and costly mounting. As a curiosity it is well worth an inspection, while on account of its history it is of much value.

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