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Passengers for California, 1874


Extra special thanks to Holice B. Young for being such a trooper and typing a ton of old news articles! Without her this project wouldn't be here!




Friday : : : : : : : : August 21, 1874




The Oregon Steamship company's steamer

John L. Stephens, Connor, command, sailed

from this port for San Francisco, at 6 o'clock

last evening, with the following.


J. C. Ellis

Jos. Buchtell

G. Adams

B. L. Morisson

W. Harris

J. M. Barber

B. Brenner

H. Wolf

J. Isner

B. Blumauer

S. Blumauer

C. P. Elvert

Mrs. H. S. Wheeler

Miss C. Blumauer

Miss M. E. Wheeler

R. D. Hume, wf and inft.

Mr. E. F. Hume

J. D. Walker

Col S. F. Butterworth

Rev. P. S. Knight

A. B. Crossman

S. Farrar

J. Dalrymple

J. L. Swartz

C. Uzaforage

W. P. Cortes

W. B. Wilson

John Campbell

E. M. Simpson

Ed Hirsch

R. Cohn

Miss E. Hill

Miss M. Hill

N. C. Merges, wf and chn.

T. P. Spitz

H. Abraham

Chas. Fischel

Mrs. A. A. Buchanan

Myron Warner

Miss M. Newhouse

W. Scully

J. Scully

W. Wilkins

C. H., Schramm

J. B. Taylor

J. Williams

Mrs. Mellor and chn.

O. C. Ashton & wf.

Miss Irene Langley

P. Van Fridagh

W. G. Van Horne

Jas. Reardon & wife

Miss Hattie Case

Mrs. F. C. Congdon & chn.

Levi Ertes

Jos. Meyer

Mrs. Anna Beers & chn

W. F. & Co.s messenger

J. Kohn

And 45 in steerage.

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