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Crimes & Casualties Johnstown, PA, 1871


Extra special thanks to Holice B. Young for being such a trooper and typing a ton of old news articles! Without her this project wouldn't be here!



Attempt at Suicide--Death by Drowning--Serious Accident to the Hon. D. J. Morrill, of Maine--Deaths from Eating Raw Clams--Fatal Accidents--Suicide of a Traveling Agent.

JOHNSTOWN, Pa., July 7,--The Hon. D. J. Morrill was thrown from a carriage last evening, near this place, and very seriously injured. His skull was fractured and his back sprained. The physicians think that he will recover if no internal injuries have been received, but the accident entails long confinement.

BOSTON, July 7,--James Trahil and Jas. Joy, of Lynn, died last evening from eating raw clams which they dug on Chelsea Beach. Wm. Dyer and Thomas Donnelly was also seriously affected, but will probably recover.

CHICAGO, July 7,--Robert Wilde, a blacksmith, feel from a four-story window of the Germania Hotel, at Dubuque, on Wednesday night, and was instantly killed. He has been drinking, but was not regarded as being intoxicated.

Anthony Meyer, while bathing in Lake Michigan, on Wednesday evening, dived from a breakwater and struck his head in the sand with such violence as to cause death early this morning.

Little Rock, Ark., July 7,--W. B. Lewellyn, a traveling agent for the hot-house of Simpson & Co., New York, committed suicide at Lone Oak, Prairie County, on Thursday, by taking an overdose of morphine. He left an affectionate letter to his wife at Jackson, Tenn. Financial embarrassments appear to have been the cause. He had no money on his person, and was buried by the citizens.

Cleveland, July 7,--Geo. G. Chandler, of the firm of Chandler & Abbott, grocers, doing business at 86 Monumental Park, made a desperate attempt at suicide this morning. From appearances he first cut his throat with a penknife, and then tried to shot himself with a revolver, which was found near him with of the chambers empty. He cannot recover. No cause is known for the act.

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