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Philadelphia Personals Part 4


Extra special thanks to Holice B. Young for being such a trooper and typing a ton of old news articles! Without her this project wouldn't be here!


WANTED-A SITUATION, by a respectable Girl, to do general housework; good worker

And ironer. Apply at No. 25 LOMBARD St.

WANTED-An American GIRL, for general Housework, Apply at No. 50 MARSHALL St., below Noble.

WANTED-SITUATION by a young MAN at the Hat Finishing; one who has some Experience in it. Address G. B., P., Ledger Office.

WANTED-A SITUATION, by a reasonable Girl. To learn to work. Inquire at 4 QUIGG 'S Court, Vine Street, near Frost.

A YOUNG GIRL wants a SITUATION as Child Nurse. Apply at No. 1 Elmsley Alley, Second St.

WANTED-A Young DRUGGIST, or Young PHYSICIAN, to take charge of a Retail Store. Apply cor. NINTH and CALLOWHILL Sts.

HOTELS-TWO GIRLS, used to Dish Washing &c., want places; at the A. E. F. Office, SPRUCE and WATER Sts.

A YOUNG MAN wishes a SITUATION in a store as Porter. Address T. C., No. 8 LOMBARD St., Del.

WANTED-Two Journeymen CARPENTERS, immediately. Apply at Shop, No. 7 LAURELL St., between Second and Third, above Spruce.

WANTED-A BOY, about 14 years old, and a Girl for general Housework, at N. W. Corner of FIFTH and VINE Streets.

WANTED-TWENTY girls on paper boxes, and six to learn, at S. E. corner of MARKET And SIXTH, entrance on Sixth.

FAMILIES in City and Country in want of good DOMESTICS, will please call at O'CONNOR'S Office, No. 19 Arcade.

TO BOOK-FOLDERS, 2 FOLDERS wanted, at N. E. Cor. SIXTH and MINOR. Also one learner.

WANTED-By a young GIRL, a SITUATION, as a Child Nurse or Chambermaid. Apply at 3 south PEARL Street, above Thirteenth.

TO STONE MASONS-Eight or ten Stone Masons wanted. Apply to JOHN KUCH, WALNUT Street, west of Till St. West Phila.

HALF GROWN GIRL WANTED-To mind Children; good reference required. Apply At 65 South THIRD Below Chesnut St.

WANTED-VEST MAKERS, at FOURTH and Standley Sts., between Plumb and German Sts.

WANTED- A White BOY, as Waiter, in a private family. Apply at 105 South BROAD Street.

WANTED-Two PATENT IRONERS, No. 23 DIVISION St., between Eleventh and Twelfth streets.

HOSTLER WANTED IMMEDIATELY--At HUGHES' Hotel, West Philadelphia, Lancaster Turnpike.

WANTED-By an American Girl, a SITUATION, to do general housework in a Small family. Address J. M., Blood's Dispatch.

JOURNEYMEN BRICKLAYERS WANTED. Inquire at I. P. MORRIS' Foundry Ball Street, east of Point road.

SALESMAN WANTED,--An experienced person Wanted as Saleswoman. Apply At S. E. corner SPRING GARDEN and FRANKLIN Sts.

A BOY of 16 years of age, wishes to learn the House Carpentering Business. Please Apply at 2 LYBRAND St., below Broad, off Race.

WANTED--A SITUATION, by a respectable Girl, as Chambermaid or Child Nurse, Apply at No. 26 Coates alley.

WANTED-Six Stove-plate MOULDERS and one BLACKSMITH, at the New Stove Works, SECOND and MIFFLIN Sts.

WANTED--Several good WORKMEN, on Welts and Turns; good wages. Also An APPRENTICE. Apply 282 North EIGHTH St.

WANTED- a man, having a Horse and Cart, to haul ashes. Apply at the BASEMENT OF THE LEDGER OFFICE.

WANTED-a GIRL, that understands Clamping boots or shoes, At DANNAKER'S Avenue, North Third Street, above Race.

AN INTELLIGENT young Man. Just arrived from the West, who speaks and writes English and German, wishes to get a SITUATION as Salesman or Assistant Book-Keeper, in a Store. Address N. M. Ledger Office.

WANTED--An APPRENTICE, to the Venetian Blind Making. Not over 16 years of age, Must be of respectable parents, and come well recommended, Also

Want a BOY, to work about the Store.

12 North SIXTH Street.

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