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Press & Dakotaian May, 1882
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Press & Dakotaian May 1882

A MATTER OF COURSE.--late dispatches say the Cheyennes are reported all coming in to the Agency; the drought and the military made them yield. The Kiowas and Comanches are still raiding. Not until they can do no better will they yield --only to recruit and prepare for a fresh raid, however. They comtux the Peace Policy and the Evangelizing process.




AIKEN-JOHNSON--In this city, August 20th, at the St. Charles hotel, Mr. J. D. Aiken, of Roseburg, to Miss Jennie Johnson, of Salem.




GILBERT--In this city, August 20th, George E. Gilbert, aged 41 years, 10 months and 28 days. Notice of time of funeral will appear in Saturday's issue. (San Francisco, Sacramento, and Dayton (Ohio) paper please copy.)

COOK--At Oregon City, August 20th, Mrs Mariam Cook, aged 78 years and 3 days.

COX--At Russellville, near Wilholt's Springs, August 13th, Mrs. Mary Cox, aged 16





U. A. O. D.,--Members of Cleanthe, Grove No. 4, will attend a special meeting THIS (Friday) EVENING, at 8:30 o'clock to arrange for the funeral of Bro. GEO. E. GILBERT. By the order of the N. A.

Le F. A. Shaw, R. S.



BRITISH BARK SALTARA.--NEITHER Captain Harrison nor the undersigned Consignees of the British bark Saltara, will be responsible for any debts contracted by the crew of said vessel.




British ship Huntly Castle, Neither Captain MacAulay or he undersigned Consignees of the British ship Huntly Castle, will be responsible for any debts contracted by the crew of said vessel.. HENRY HEWETT & Co.



TO THE CHIEF OF POLICE, CAPTAIN Brannan, and officer Kelly and Buck--Gentlemen: Accept my heartfelt thanks for recovering my merchandise stolen from me some three months ago, and that of week before last. You are really entitled to the greatest credit for the way you have brought every to light. I remain yours, gentlemen,




BY A GENTLEMAN, TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS, with privilege of bathroom, between Stark and Main and Fourth and Ninth Streets. Address P. O. Box 368.




THE RAFFLE FOR THE SAIL-boat Swallow is postponed until SATURDAY EVENING, 22d inst.



Exchange for sale on San Francisco at Bank of British Columbia at a DISCOUNT EDWIN RUSSELL,


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