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Local Events, May 1882


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Established 1801

Thursday, May 25, 1882.


Where's Brown? Ask Ole Baker.

John Stockton, of Mt. Helena, was married Sunday.

The front of Union block is receiving a fresh coat of paint.

The city is still thronged with strangers and many of them are buying farming lands near to Yankton.

James Beck, for swearing in the presence of Pat Kelly, was fined one dollar and cost in the police court Monday.

The Congregational and Episcopal churches have changed their hours of Sunday evening service eight o'clock.

The Turner Society realized forty-nine dollars from its share of the receipts of the Marble theatrical season, after paying all expenses.

Pierre Journal: The son of Chief Justice Edgerton has decided to locate at either Pierre or Huron in the practice of his profession, viz; The law.

Knowlton is considerably elated over the ruling of the Supreme Court in his case, largely from the fact that it will bring comfort to Mrs. Knowlton.

Olivet Record: A natural flowing spring on the farm of A. Sheridan Jones, at Olivet, discounts the artisan wells of Sioux City and Yankton.

Superintendent Wattles of the Sioux City and Pacific says that expects to see the track laid to Fort Niobrara by the middle of July if everything goes well.

Once more we are compelled to remark that the weather is abominable. Fires are as much a necessity as in the winter, and the out of doors air is raw and chilly.

It is believed by those who knew him best that Brown has really committed suicide, his soul is still marching on and that nothing short of requisition can overtake it.

There are six Yankton Indians in town, all witnesses in the Culbertson horse stealing case. They are clad in government blues and wear brass buttons on their clothes.

The Huron Times states that Governor Ordway has just invested in eighty acres of land adjoining the town site of Pierre and that he is negotiating for forty acres more.

Harry Corson, summoned from Sioux Falls as a witness, was directed to bring his hotel register with him. Some of the guests of the Catarsot are to be under investigation.

Small grain is growing thick upon the ground and strong in the roots and there is yet plenty of time for corn planting. July and August make a corn crop in this country.

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