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Ponca Journal, Dakota Territories, 1882


Extra special thanks to Holice B. Young for being such a trooper and typing a ton of old news articles! Without her this project wouldn't be here!


 Ponca Journal, 1882

Ponca Journal: Among those who are going to commence life anew in the wilds of Washington territory, is our poet laureate, Mr. Rockwell, also Mr. Barber, two old settlers and good men, and deserving of the good wishes of their friends.

Charges of gross neglect of duty in the management of the Niobrara postoffice were preferred against postmaster Santee by a number of citizens of the town. A special agent was sent to investigate the charges. He did so and found them groundless.

North Nebraska Eagle: A picnic party from Sioux City took an excursion up the river on the ferryboat, "Andrew S. Bennett," last Sunday and stopped On Walker's Island where a spot had been cleaned off for the celebration. About 350 people were up, where they were joined by 100 more from Jackson. Bock beer and soda water did not go well together, and the result was a couple of free fights between the parties.


Snow is still two feet deep on Bald Mountain.

Lead and Deadwood are both afflicted with a wood famine.

A $50,00 assay office has been established at Deadwood.

It snowed to a depth of five inches in Two-big Gulch May 8th.

Several land slides have occurred at Deadwood and Central lately.

The Rapid City Journal is agitating the question of incorporating that city.

The Sioux in the Hills are amusing themselves by hunting among settlers' cattle.

James McNickle has been appointed postmaster at Tigerville, Pennington county.

The Fairview mine, at Sitting Bull, is called as good a possession as there is in the Hills.

A nugget weighing a little over ninety dollars was found in Strawberry gulch, a few days ago.

On April 28th the Father DeSmet mining company had a surplus of cash on hand of $30,459.

May 23d, is the day appointed for Lawrence county to vote upon the poor farm and jail bond proposition.

The Custer Chronicle is authority for the fact that a ledge of blue vitriol has been discovered near Warm brook.

Professor Allen A. Griffith, of the Chicago university, lectured on elocution in Rapid City one evening last week.

At three o'clock p.m., in Deadwood, on the 8th day of May, the thermometer was but two degrees above freezing.

The queen Bee mill has received five additional stamps. This mine from the date of discovery has steadily improved.

Some very rich copper and silver ore has been discovered near Rochford and a number of locations have been made.

The work of crushing 100 tons of ore from the Luray mine in the queen Bee mill was commenced on Tuesday morning last.

The receipts of the drama "Above the Clouds," rendered by the Rapid City library association last Friday evening was about ninety dollars.

The last $150,000 has been expended in developing the King Solomon mine, at Tigerville, and the machinery has been said to equal

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