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VT Watchman & State Gazette, 4/18/1826



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In Norwich, Feb. 26, Mr. Jeremiah Bissel, 2d, aged 21, March 9th, Bishop Knight, Aged 33--March 22nd. Louisa Proctor, aged 16.--March 23d, Miss Sarah Devenport, aged 28.--On the 4th inst. Miss Betsey Hovey, aged 24.

At Warren, on the 29th ult, Barthena, daughter of Mr. James Butterfield, aged 11 years. Printers in Concord, N. H., are requested to notice this.

In Chelsea on the 20th ult., Mrs. Sally, wife of Mr. Elisha Williams, jr., aged 28.--On the 26th ult suddenly, Mrs. Hemmingway, aged about 40.--On the 30th Ult, Mr. Jonathan Downing, a revolutionary pensioner, aged 72.--On the 11th inst. Elizabeth Lodusky Lovet Hatch, aged 72.

In Irasburgh, on the 8th inst. Joseph, son of Mr. Benjamin Holt, aged 17.

In Derby, on the 8th inst. Daniel, son of Mr. John Brooks, aged 19. In a fit to which he was subject, fell his head into a small brook and frowned.

Killed, accidentally, on board the Steam Boat, Rawapa, on the Mississippi River, on the 5th ult., Mr. William, or Helen Mathews, supposed, by those on board, to be from Vermont. His remains were decently interred. Printers are requested to notice this, for the information of relatives.

Fire at Burlington--On Friday morning last, about 7 o'clock, the building on Pearl Street, occupied by Messrs. Browning & Herrick, as a joiners shop, and owned by B. F. Bailey, Esq., was consumed by fire. The fire had made so great progress before it was discovered that it could not be arrested. A shed, barn and corn-barn stood almost immediately adjoining the shop, but by demolishing the shed, the two other buildings were saved. Loss about $1,200. Messrs. Browning & Herrick have lost almost the whole of their tools, valued at $300, and the value of the finished work, including window, sash, doors, etc., which was destroyed. Is estimated at about $500

Also, in the night following, between 12 and 3 o'clock, a valuable saw-mill, on the Colchester side of the Onion River, owned by Mr. Catlin, and occupied by Messrs. Eddy, Munroe, & Hooker, was burnt. Loss estimated at from $12 to $15,000.--Sentinel.

Extract of a letter from a member of Congress, to a gentleman in Castleton, dated:

WASHINGTON, March 25, 1826.

"The Secretary of War, has expressed a determination that he will detach a brigade of topographical engineers to make surveys in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. When it will be employed in Vermont, I cannot tell; that is, whether it be among us first, or last. We shall do all in our power to have the surveys early in the season.--We shall endeavor to have the aid of some experienced man from Vermont in the survey, to increase the expedition."

DISGRACEFUL.--Accounts from Washington state that a duel has taken place between Mr. Clay and Mr. Randolph, in consequence of the latter being permitted by the presiding officer of the Senate, on more occasions than one, to call former a gambler and a blackleg. Mr. R, declining to make any explanation, they met, in this disgraceful manner. The first fire, Mr. R's pistol went off by accident, and Mr. Clay declined to fire. This accident being corrected both parties fired twice, without effect, when Mr. R. stepped up to Mr. C. gave him his hand, and made up the proper acknowledgments, and then the matter ended.


In Waitsfield, on 21st ult. Mr. Worthy Hastings, to Miss Polly Lampsch.--On the 30th ult., by the Rev. A. Chandler, Mr. Ira Bates, to Miss Eliza Jones.

In Chelsea, on the 28th ult., by Rev. C. Noble, Mr. Major Smith, of Tunbridge, to Miss Alma Andrews, of C.--On the same day, Mr. Joseph Hatch, jr., to Miss Lucia Page.

In Norwich, on the 28th Feb. by Rev. S. Goddard, Mr. Timothy Hutchinson, top Miss Cynthia Burton.--On the 5th ult., Mr. Samuel Cramby, of Hartland, to Miss Polly Hibbard, of Norwich.--On the 19th ult., Mr. Isaac N. Mosely, to Miss L. Hopson,--On the 9th inst., Mr. Ozias Smith, of Brookfield, to Miss Eunice Waterman.

In Strafford, on the 29th ult., By Elder Aaron Buzzial, Mr. Richard Reed, to Miss Louis Johnson.--On the 13th inst., by David Morrill, Esq., Mr. Seymour M. Norton, to Miss Fanny Stevens.

In Derby, by Luther Newcomb, Esq., Mr. Stoddard Benham, to Miss Mary Bates.

In Albany, on the 6th inst., by Rev. L. Case, Mr. David Bailey, of Irasburgh, to Miss Lydia Skinner.


Will be sold to the lowest bidder at the house of Jonathan Shepard, on Montpelier village, on the 26th day of April inst., at 2 o'clock, P. M., the building of an Arch or some other bridge across the Onion River, near the Mills.

Montpelier, April 15, 1826.

A meeting of the inhabitants of this town will be holden on Saturday, 22d, inst., and a meeting of the inhabitants of Berlin on Monday, 24th inst. for the purpose of adopting measures for the accomplishment of the aforesaid object.


The proprietors of the VILLAGE LIBRARY SOCIETY are hereby notified that a stated meeting of said Society will be holden at the Library Room, on Monday, the first day of May next, at 6 o'clock P. M.

HENRY Y. BARNS, Lib. & Clerk.

Montpelier, April 14, 1826.


A JOURNEYMAN TANNER, and CURRIER, one who can come well recommended will find good encouragement and liberal wages.


Montpelier, April 15, 1826.


In Greensborough, in July last, a CAST IRON PLOUGH, cast at Concord, N. H. Said plough partly worn, white oak wood. It may be seen at Mr. SALMON ELKINS. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges, and take it away.


Greensborough, April 14, 1826.



In Probate Court, holden in Montpelier, within and for said District, on the 15th day of April, A. D. , 1826.

WILLIAM RANDALL, administrator on the estate of HIRAM STOCKWELL, late of Waterbury, in said district, deceased, presents his administration account for settlement, --Whereupon, it is ordered, that the same be referred to the third day of May next, at the Probate Office, in Montpelier, in said district, for examination and allowance, and that all concerned be notified hereof, by publication of this order in the Vermont Watchman & State Gazette, printed at Montpelier, three weeks successively, as soon as may be, that they may appear, if they see cause, at said time and place, and object thereto.

By the Court,

DAN'L P. THOMPSON, Register.

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