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VT Watchman & State Gazette, 7/4/1826



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VT-1826-July 4

The Sea Serpent.--This celebrated animal was seen by the captain, passengers ands crew of the ship Silas Richards, off George's Banks, five days before the arrival of that ship at New York. The Daily Advertiser says, "It was about ten rods from the ship, the sea perfectly calm, and that part which appeared out of water about sixty feet in length. The head and protuberances were similar to the representations which have frequently been given of him by persons who had seen him near Cape Ann. He was going at a very slow rate, and appeared unmindful of the ship. He was visible about seven minutes to the passengers and crew who were on deck at the time. A certificate has been drawn up and signed by the passengers, which, with a drawing made by one of the gentlemen, gives a minute description of the Serpent as seen by them. The number and credibility of the witnesses, place beyond all doubt the existence of such an animal as a Sea Serpent."

The new York Statesman, speaking of the Sea Serpent says.-----

Our neighbor Mr. Lang, of the Gazette, and some other Southern editors will now be obliged to swallow the big snake in spite of their teeth--so let them make no more wry-faces about it!--As long as it was testified to only by superstitious Yankees, the descendants of Salem witches, it was well enough to continue in unbelief--But now that some of our respectable captains, backed by a New York crew, and a respectable list of passengers, has spoken the monster at sea, let all who have doubted, vociferate with one accord, --we believe in the big snake! For ourselves there is not need of it, for we venerate the Bay state, the country of codfish, witches, and notions, as our native land.

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