Nicholas VanHorne was born in the town of Stark, Herkimer county, NY, April 14, 1854, son of Walter and Eliza
   VanHorne, who are residents of Herkimer county, NY. He married Ida Countryman of Poland, Herkimer, NY
   December 18, 1878, daughter of John I and Elizabeth Countryman, and they have two children: Leda E., and Victor
   C. Van Horne. He first engaged in the cheese business in Salisbury Corners, Herkimer county, NY in 1876; has since
   worked at Van Hornesville and the town of Ohio, Herkimer county, and in the town of Avoca, Steuben county, NY,
   and located permanently at North Bay, town of Vienna, Oneida county, NY in 1880, buying the cheese factory at that
   place in 1881, and has for the last twelve years been salesman and treasurer of the factory and in 1883 was elected
   collector of the town on the Republican ticket of which party he belongs, and for the last four years has bought cheese
   for the export trade, and on May 10, 1895, he passed the Civil Service examination at Albany and on July 15, 1895
   was appointed milk expert and agent of the agricultural department and he is a member of Vienna Lodge No. 440, F
   & AM.
   Our County and its People, a Decriptive Work on Oneida County, New York, edited by Daniel E. Wager, 1896
   Kathy Last

Gideon Vary was born in the town of Stephentown, Rensselaer county, NY., December 29, 1824, son of Nathan and
   Phoebe (Carrier) Vary. His grandfather, Samuel Vary, settled in Dutchess county, prior to the Revolutionary War, and
   emigrated to Rensselaer county; and his grandfather, Amasiah Carrier, was also a pioneer in Rensselaer county.
   Nathan Vary came to Oneida county in 1840. He was a Federalist, and voted for Washington; and later a Whig, and
   voted for Henry Clay. He died in 1850.
   Gideon Vary has always been succesfully engaged in farming. He bought and cleared twelve acres and has added to
   it, until he had 500 acres, 100 acres of which he sold in 1894. He is a Republican and has been justice for twenty-four
   years, and supervisor of Ava for two years. In 1846 Mr. Vary married Jane, daughter of Daniel E. Edgerton of Ava,
   who died in 1893, and he is now married to Erminie Leader of Utica, NY. He has reared and educated two sons of
   his brother Samuel, who died in Michigan: Nathan C., who is engaged in farming in Ava, and Ezra, who was for
   twelve years teller of the Farmer's Bank in Rome, NY, and now a manufacturer of knit goods at Rome. Mr. Vary is a
   member of the Baron Steuben Lodge No. 264, F & AM.
   Our County and its People, A Descriptive Work on Oneida County, New York, edited by Daniel E. Wager, 1896
   Kathy Last