Butternuts, Otsego, NY
First Town Meeting

By Holice and Debbie  



of which any record exists, was held on the 6th day of April, 1791, at the house of Benjamin Griffin. The following is a list of supervisors and town clerks from this date to 1878:

Year Supervisors Town Clerks
1791 Joseph White John Ball
1792 Eli Parsons John Ball
1793 Eli Parsons John Ball
1794 Eli Parson John Ball
1795 Eli Parson John Ball
1796 Elijah Holt John Ball
1797 Elijah Holt John Ball
1798 William Campbell John Ball
1799 Ephraim Hudson John Ball
1800 Ephraim Hudson John Ball
1801 Ephraim Hudson John Ball
1803 Lester Holt John Diell
1804 Lester Holt Isaac Seelye
1805 Matthew Clyde John Walton
1806 Horace Ripley William Campbell
1807 Horace Ripley William Campbell
1808 Horace Ripley William Campbell
1809 Horace Ripley John Diell
1810 Horace Ripley John Diell
1811 Horace Ripley John Diell
1812 Horace Ripley John Diell
1813 Horace Ripley Robert Dunlap
1814 Horace Ripley Robert Dunlap
1815 Horace Ripley Horace Lathrop
1816 Horace Ripley Horace Lathrop
1817 Horace Lathrop J. B. Walton
1818 Horace Lathrop Oliver Judd
1819 Horace Lathrop Oliver Judd
1820 Horace Lathrop Oliver Judd
1821 Horace Lathrop Oliver Judd
1822 William Campbell Levi Beardsley
1823 William Campbell Levi Beardsley
1824 William Campbell Adolphus W. Flint
1825 William Campbell Adolphus W. Flint
1826 Horace Ripley Oliver Judd
1827 Abram Stewart Robert Dunlap
1828 Horace Lathrop Robert Dunlap
1829 Levi Beardsley Robert Dunlap
1830 Horace Lathrop William McLean
1831 Horace Lathrop William McLean
1832 Levi Beardsley William McLean
1833 Seth C. Burch William McLean
1834 Seth C. Burch William McLean
1835 Seth C. Burch William McLean
1836 Seth C. Burch William McLean
1837 Seth C. Burch William McLean
1838 Mason Fitch William McLean
1839 Mason Fitch William McLean
1840 James Hetherington William McLean
1841 James Hetherington William McLean
1842 Joseph Phelon William McLean
1843 Joseph Phelon William McLean
1844 Hiram Flint William McLean
1845 Joseph Phelon William McLean
1846 Benjamin Davis William McLean
1847 Benjamin Davis William McLean
1848 Henry Rosenboom William Hall
1849 James Marks William Hall
1850 Charles McLean William Hall
1851 Wm Marks William Hall
1852 Charles McLean William Duffin
1853 Jonas Platner Jr. John K. Diell
1854 John W. Sterriker John K. Diell
1855 Wm. Burch Albert C. Stevens
1856 Joseph Phelon B. Steens
1857 A. H. Watkins A. A. Saunders
1858 A. H. Watkins Charles McLean
1859 A. H. Watkins Jesse Bronson
1860 James Young A. L. Swan
1861 James Young A. L. Swan
1862 James Young S. G. Wilkins
1863 James Young S. G. Wilkins
1864 Charles McLean Stephen Waldron
1865 Charles McLean Stephen Waldron
1866 Daniel W. Bates Stephen Waldron
1867 George Merritt A. S. Botsford
1868 Charles McLean Stephen Waldron
1869 Charles McLean Stephen Waldron
1870 Amos L. Swan Stephen Waldron
1871 D. W. Bates John K. Diell
1872 James Young John K. Diell
1873 James Young John K. Diell
1874 Charles McLean John K. Diell
1875 George Merritt John K. Diell
1876 George Merritt John K. Diell

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The officers for 1877 are as follows:

Supervisor George Merritt
Town Clerk John K. Diell
Justice of the Peace Edward Allen
Collector Amos L. Swan
Commissioner of Highways C. H. Platner
Assessor Geo. H. Sherman
Overseers of the Poor Samuel Ludlum and John H. Prime
Inspectors of Elections G. V. Spraker, L. W. Thompson, C. M. Bates
Constables W. McFarren, E. Frantzman, M. F. Dutcher, A. Whitbeck, Geo. Van Alstyne
Town Auditors H. Salisbury and H. Banker
Railroad Commisssioners Theodore Lewis, Wm. Allen
Excise Commissioner Thos Lynk
Justices of the Peace Chas. McLean, L. W. Thompson, Henry W. Best, and Edward Allen

*From the History of Otsego, NY, by Duane Hamilton Hurd, 1978.

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Transcribed by Holice B. Young

Copyright Debbie Axtman and Holice B. Young

December 23, 1999

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