Cherry Valley, Otsego,NY
By Holice and Debbie

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The Methodist Episcopal church of Cherry Valley was organized in 1828, by the Rev. Ephraim Hall. The first meetings were held in the Lancaster school-house. The officers were Leonard Ferris, Judson Wells, and James Nichols.

The first members with the above named were John C. Hall and his wife, Wm. Prentice, Shepherd prentice, Delevan Baker and wife, Laura Rudd, James Galt and wife, Mordeca Clark and wife, George Taylor and wife.

The present church edifice was erected in 1835, and was remodeled in 1868. The original cost was $2500, and $1500 was expended in repairs and decorating. The dimensions are 58 X 45, with side and end galleries; seating capacity, 400. It was dedicated by Rev. Zachariah Paddock. The present officers are George Clark, local preacher; Platt B. Shearer, class-leader and exhorter; Joseph W. Clark, class-leader and steward; George Echerson, class-leader and steward; Levi Hardendorf, class-leader and trustee; Thomas Wichoff, class-leader and steward; John S, Galt, class-leader; Lyman W. Thompson, steward and trustee; George Sherman, Sunday-school superintendent, and steward and trustee; Robert Wales, steward and trustee; William Folard, steward and trustee; Chauncey Galer, steward; John Nugent, steward; Isaac La Homsdue, trustee; Munson G. Wadsworth, preacher; Thomas B. shepherd, presiding elder the number of members is 160. The following ministers have served this church: Revs. Ephraim Hall, James Kelsey, Isaac Grant, Calvin Hawley, Lyman Sperry, Joseph Baker, Leonard Bowdish, Lewis Anderson, Lyman A. Eddy, H. Ercanback, Rosman Ingalls, C. Harvey, W. Southworth, George parsons, Barlow W. Gorham, John M. Searles, John P. Newman, Moses L. Kern, L. D. Pendell, Hiram S. Richardson, John T. Crippen, Joseph Shank, John W. Mitchell, R. W. Peebles, George W. Foster, J. B. Sherar, Gordon Moore, Wesley F. took, Munson G. Wadsworth.


This church was organized on the 13th day of April, 1846, with the following persons as officers: Joseph W. Brackett and Henry Roseboom, wardens; Benjamin David, George W. White, Charles McLean, B. B. Provost, David L. White, Joseph Calder, Amos L. Swan, and William Owen, vestrymen.

The following were the first members of the church:

Names of First Members.--Henry Roseboom, Mrs. Henry Roseboom, Mrs. M. E. Beardsley, Mrs. Martha Gilbert, Mrs. Benjamin Davis, Mrs. A. Lydleman, Mrs. J. Livingston, Mrs. A. B. Cox, Mrs. Delos White, Mrs. Joseph Calder, Joseph Webb, Mrs. Wm. W. Francis, Mrs. Mary McKellip, Daniel Burton, Mrs. M. Shipway, Miss D. Hudson, J. W. Brackett, Joseph Phelon, Mrs. Joseph Phelon, Miss A. Phelon, Miss Fanny Gilbert, Brayton A. Campbell, Mrs. Brayton A. Campbell, Mrs. Joseph Webb, Mrs. Lucy Shannon, Mrs. George Clark. Present numbers of members, 125.

The following notice of the laying of the corner-stone of the church edifice appeared in the Cherry Valley Gazette, under date April 15, 1846:

"The corner-stone of the new Grace church in this village was laid on Easter Monday, the 13th inst., in presence of a large concourse of people. The congregation assembled in the Episcopal Methodist church, where the morning services were read by the Rev. Mr. Ransom, after which the new church organized. After he election of the wardens and vestry, the procession left the church, preceded by the Rev. Mr. Ransom and Rev. Mr. Beach, of Cooperstown. As the procession moved to the site of the new church the 122nd Psalm was repeated, and when all were gathered around, the Rev. Mr. Beach read the address (as laid down in the form prescribed for such occasions), together with the collect. The inscription on the corner-stone being read aloud, it was laid in its place, and the Rev. Mr. Ransom, striking it there three times with a hammer, pronounced the dedication of the building to be erected by the name of grace church, 'to be devoted to the services of Almighty God, agreeable to the principal of the Protestant Episcopal church in the United States of America, in its doctrines, ministry, liturgy, rites, and usages.' Upon the corner-stone was the simple inscription, 'Grace church, 1846.' Beneath it was a leaden box, within which was deposited a Bible, a prayer-book, the names of the pastor, wardens, vestrymen, and the Cherry Valley Gazette. Mr. Ransom delivered a truly eloquent and impressive address upon the occasion, congratulating the congregation upon the certain prospects of the completion of the new church."

The following have served this church as rectors from its organization to the present time: Joseph Branson, 1846; J. L. Townsend, 1850; John Dowdney, 1852; George H. Nichols, 1854; Navel L. Mines, 1866; David L. Schwartz, 1867; H. H. Oberly, 1872; J. Hobert De Mille, 1874; Reeve Hobbie (present rector), 1876.

The present officers are as follows: Wardens.--henry Roseboom and Joseph Phelon.

Vestrymen.--J. L. Sawyer, Charles McLean, Abm. B. Cox, Geo. Neal, P. R. Wales, A. L. Swan, Almon Brown, Geo. L. Merritt.


At Center Valley was organized in March 1841,, by Rev. D. Ottmen, who was the first minister. The present officers are as follows: Adam Engle, Samuel Stinger, Jacob Hartorm. The church has been served by the following pastors: N. Barst, one year; J. A. Rosenberg, one year; W. H. Shellard, one year; J. Kling, one year; J. H. Weber, one year; C. Diependarf, one year; S. Bruce, present pastor.


The act to incorporate the "Cherry Valley Bank" was passed April 21, 1818, under the name of "The President, Directors, and Company of the Central Bank," and Henry F. Cox, William Campbell, Levi Beardsley, Wm. W. Enders, and Geo. Morell were appointed commissioners to receive subscriptions to the capital stock.

The first president was Joseph White. The first cashier was A. M. Schermerhorn. The record-book, which contained the list of the first board of directors and other items of interest, was burned in the large fire which occurred in this village in 1866. H. J. Olcott, the present president, was appointed cashier in November, 1829, and W. H. Baldwin, the present cashier, was appointed in April, 1855.

The date of reorganization as a national bank was April 13, 1865. Officers.--H. J. Olcott, president; W. H. Baldwin, cashier; Joseph Phelon, Seth Eldredge, Wm. W. Campbell, O. A. Morse, A. C. Parshall, Samuel Campbell, Henry Roseboom, H. J. Olcott, and Wm. H. Baldwin, directors. Number of stockholders, 102.

H. J. Olcott has been president, and W. H. Baldwin has been cashier, since the organization as a national bank.

The following are the present officers:
Horatio J. Olcott President
G. W. B. Dakin Assistant President
W. H. Baldwin Cashier
Horatio J. Olcott, William W. Campbell, Hiram Flint, G. W. B. Dakin, W. H. Baldwin Board of Directors

The capital is $100,000; surplus, $9400.

The bank has always been in the present building; the interior, of course, undergoing many changes, until now it is one of the most tasteful and convenient of country banking offices.

The president came as cashier to this bank when only eighteen years of age, and has been associated with it ever since, a period of nearly forty-eight years. For a along time it was the only bank between Albany and Utica, and transacted business from a region measured by the triangular points of Albany, Binghamton, and Utica.

So rapid has been the growth and filling up of this section since that time that the present business is within a radius of ten miles, and is ten times as great as then. (The History of Otsego, NY, by Duane Hamilton Hurd, 1878)

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