Cooperstown, Otsego, NY
First National Bank, Part I
By Holice and Debbie

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The Otsego County bank was organized at Cooperstown, June 23, 1830. Capital stock, $100,000; increased to $200,000 in 1854. The first board of directors were Robert Campbell, Joseph Moss, Calvin Graves, Lawrence Mcnamee, Levi Beardsley, William H. Averill, Henry Phinney, John Russell, Thomas fuller, Henry Scott, Alvan Stewart, Samuel Starkweather, and Joseph White.the first inspectors of elections were John A. Dix, E. B. Morehouse, and Arunah Metcalf. The first president was Robert Campbell. The first cashier was Henry Scott.

At an election of directors, held June 14, 1831, the following changes were made:
  David Little, in place of Levi Beardsley
  Leonard Caryl, in place of Alvan Stewart
  Inspectors: George Pomeroy, Elihu Phinney, and E. B. Morehouse
June 12, 1832: James Boyd was chosen in place of Joseph White.
June 12, 1833: Delos White was chosen in place of David Little.
June 10, 1834: William Campbell was chosen in place of Samuel Starkweather.
June 9, 1835: Elihu Phinney was chosen in place of Delos White.
  Robert Dunlap in place of William Campbell.
  Inspectors: E. B. Morehouse, George Pomeroy, and Levi C. Turner
June 14, 1836: Chauncey Strong was chosen in place of Leonard Caryl.
  Gordon Turner in place of James Boyd.
  Inspectors: George Pomeroy, James Stowell, and E. B. Morehouse.
June 13, 1837: Charles Smith was chosen in place of Henry Scott.
June 12, 1838: James Markham, Jr. was chosen in place of Thomas Fuller.
  William Dean in place of Robert Dunlap.
  Inspectors: E. B. Morehouse, Horace Lathrop, and George Pomeroy
June 11, 1839: Obadiah Beardsley was chosen in place of Joseph Moss.
June 14, 1842: William Temple was chosen in place of W. H. Averill
  Robert Ormston in place of Obadiah Beardsley.
  Inspectors: Horace Lathrop, George Pomeroy, and Abel H. Clark
June 13, 1843: W. H. Averill was chosen in place of William Ormston.
June 11, 1844: Samuel Nelson was chosen in place of John Russell.
June 9, 1846: George A. Starkweather was chosen in place of Gordon Turner.
June 8, 1847: Inspectors: Horace Lathrop, A. H. Clark, and George W. Ernst
Oct. 2, 1847: Henry Phinney was elected president to fill the vacancy created by the death of Robert Campbell, who has been president of the bank from its organization to this date.
June 13, 1848: Henry Scott was chosen in place of Robert Campbell.
  William Nichols in place of Elihu Phinney.
  William Comstock in place of Chauncey Strong.
  James Boyd in place of James Markham.
  Lewis Averll in place of G. A. Starkweather.
June 12, 1849: Joseph Moss was chosen in place of William Nichols.
  George A. Starkweather in place of William Comstock.
  Elihu Phinney in place of James Boyd.
  William Temple in place of Lewis Averill.
June 10, 1851: William Comstock was chosen in place of Henry Phinney.
Dec. 29, 1850, The bank was robbed of $30,000.
June 8, 1852: Gordon Turner was chosen in place of William Dean.
  Inspectors: Horace Lathrop, G. W. Ernst, and William A. Campbell
June 14, 1853: Chester Wright was chosen in place of William Temple.
Nov. 14, 1854: Directors: Wm. H. Averill, Samuel Nelson, Henry Scott, Elihu Phinney, George A. Starkweather, Geo. W. Ernst, Wm. Nichols, Joshua H. Story, James H. Nellis.
  President: Wm. H. Averill was elected president in place of Henry Phinney.
  Inspectors: , James Stowell, Horace Lathrop, and Wm. A.. Comstock
Nov. 15, 1855 Philip Roof was added to the board in place of James H. Nellis
  Inspectors: Horace Lathrop, Wm. A. Comstock, and Geo. Story
Nov. 10 1856: B. Graves was chosen in place of G. a. Starkweather.
  Inspectors: Horace Lathrop, W. A Comstock, and Geo. Story.
Nov. 8, 1860: Inspectors:W. A. Comstock, Geo. Story, and N. H. Lake.
Nov. 8, 1864: C. W. Smith was chosen in place of Samuel Nelson.
Nov. 14, 1865: Rufus Steers was chosen in place of John Eddy.
   Inspectors: W. A. Comstock, George Story, and Edwin M. Harris.

*From the History of Otsego, NY, by Duane Hamilton Hurd, 1878

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Transcribed by Holice B. Young

Copyright Debbie Axtman and Holice B. Young

December 24, 1999

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