Cooperstown, Otsego, NY
By Holice and Debbie

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Business Members
Physicians T. S. Blodgett, Horace Lathrop, W. t. Bassett, Mary A. Bassett, Lyman H. Hills, J. M. Westlake,
Dentists E. P. Byram, D. E. Siver, C. I, Wadsworth, E. T. Newall.
Attorneys-at-law S. A. Bowen, L. L. Burditt, Geo. Brooks, S. S. Edick, E. m. Harris, Jas. A. Lynes, John Lewis, H. Sturges, Chatfield Leonard, B. J. Scofield, Geo. Van Horn, Frank P. Kendall,
Postmaster Thomas S. Blodgett.
Surveyor Henry B. Walker.
Printing S. M. Shaw, Russell & Davidson,
Boots and Shoes William C. Bailey, S. McKean Thompson, Beadle & Soule, P. Conine, Wm. Brockway.
Builders-Carpenters John Pank, Daniel L. Hecox, Sanford Casler, Albert Pierce, C. L. Root, Jacob Walradt.
Masons McCabe Bros., George B. Wood, Jas. Goodenough, John Lasher.
Blacksmiths Loren Brown, Mitchell Little, G. W. Holmes.
Blacksmiths and Wagon-makers Jerome Cooper,
Boating P. P. Cooper, Joseph Cooper.
Steamboats A. H. Watkins & Co.
Barbers Frank Clark, P. H. Hotaling.
Books and stationery W. A. Cockett, A. L. Tanner & Co
Boarding-houses Mrs. Doubleday, Mrs. Comstock, Mrs. Gaylord, Mrs. Weeks, Mrs. Soule, Mrs. Eldred.
Ice-Cream Mrs. B. F. Beadle.
Cigar and Tobacco Stores D. Fowle & Co., Park & Co.
Clothing Johnston & Field, Smith & Spingler, Glatner & Co.
Coal, Flour, Feed, etc. E. Delavan Hills & Co., Griswold & White.
Cooperage Orren Benton.
Dry-Goods B. F. & H. K. Murdock, Robt. & Wm. H. Russell, Gabriel Tyley, Bundy Bros., Eldred & Ball.
Groceries E. D. Shumway, John J. Short, N. W. Cole
Groceries and Liquors D. B. Boden & Son, Strachan Bros., V. C. Shumway.
Drugs and Medicine Bliss & Conrad, H. S. Westlake & Co, Shumway & Church.
Furniture Samuel Harper.
Gas-factory O. R. Butler.
Grist and Planing-mills Lewis & Adsit.
Hardware Wm. E. Cory
Hardware and Stoves H. M. Hooker & Co., J. Warren Lamb & Co.,
Hops Robert Quaif, Andrew Shaw, J. R. Scott & Co., Stocker & Jarvis.
Harness-makers Joel White, A. Gorringe.
Insurance Agents Hooker & Jarvis, I. E. Syldvester, D. L. Birge
Insurance and Real Estate F. A. & F. G. Lee.
Livery Stables E. W. Filmore, F. C. Pershall, W. H. Scott, Geo. T. Winslow.
Hotels Cooper House; Hotel Fenimore, James Bunyan, proprietor; Central Hotel, W. C. Keyes & Son; Ballard House, S. M. & N. Ballard; Carr's Hotel, Miss Carr; Clinton House; American Hotel.
Markets Nelson Smith, John Wood, Sherwood & Ball, O. N. Hinds & Bros., Parshall & Reno.
Marble and Stone Potter & Co., MaCabe Bros.
Millinery Susan M. Hewes, Murphy Sisters, Carrie Risedorph Thompson, Mrs. Reno.
Photographing W. G. Smith, Cooley Bros.
Painting and Paper-hanging E. S. Coffin, Frank Carroll, Levi Grey, P. McNelly,
Sawmills D. C. Coleman.
Saloons Chas. R. Hartson, Geo. Shaw.
Undertakers Parshall & Cory.
Upholstering and Carriage Trimming W. H. H. Camp.
Variety Store Geo. M. Grant & Co.
Watches and Jewelry Charles R. Burch, Jasper A. Schrom, P. G. Tanner & son.
Telegraphic Western Union Line, Mrs Smith, operator.

*The History of Otsego, NY, by Duane Hamilton Hurd, 1878

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Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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