Cooperstown, Otsego, NY
Churches, Part III
By Holice and Debbie

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Churches, Part III


The Universalist church of Cooperstown was organized April 26, 1831, in the school-house of district No. 19, in this village. Among those who were instrumental in effecting the organization were Ellery Cory, Holder Cory, Henry Beadle, B. Taylor Comstock, Seth Doubleday, Isaac Fitch, Esek Bradford, Joseph Perkins, Levi H. Pierce, Levi Wood, James I. Paul, William Wilson, Richard Cooley, Stephen Gregory, and Abram Van Horne.

The first officers of the church were Esek Bradford, Abram Van Horne, Levi H. Pierce, Seth Doubleday, and Stephen Gregory. Rev. Job Potter became the first pastor, and officiated in that capacity for a period of five years.. The first house of worship was erected in 1832, at a cost, together with the lot, of $1,393.73, services having previously been held in the school-house mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

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The church proper was organized Aug. 21, 1858, with the following members:
Holder Cory Ellery Cory Levi Wood
Benjamin Pierce Olive Wood Almira Scott
Mary A. Wood Catharine Jarvis Laura Barnum
Mary Savage Wm. B. Stevens Matilda Stevens
J. S. Parker Hannah Ball Giles C. Smith
Ann Bowen Eveline Roberts Elizabeth Marcellus
Marie Paul Aurelia Wilson Polly Williams

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In 1860 the church edifice was repaired and remodeled.

The following is a list of the pastors of the church from 1836 to the present time:

Pastor Dates
Rev. Job Potter April 1831--April 1836
Rev. O. Whiston April 1836--December 1846
Rev. J. A. Bartlett April 1847--November 1849
Rev. D. C. Tomlinson November 1849--June 1850
Rev. F. J. Carney June 1859--April 1851
Rev. J. A. Aspinwall April 1851--April 1854
Rev. C. W. Tomlinson August 1854--December 1865
Rev. W. W. Clayton March 1866--March 1868
O. Perkins March 1868--July 1869
C. L. Wait November 1869--November 1875
E. E Peck April 1876--

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The present officers of the church are as follows:

Deacons: Isaac K. Williams
  Seth Temple
  Fred Reustle
Trustees: Abijah Barnum
- Harmon Groat
- Frank Robinson
Treasurer: Fayette Hinds
Clerk: Fred Reustle

The church is now in prosperous condition, and is under the pastoral care of Rev. Ellery E. Peck.

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This church was organized by Father Gilbride in about the year 1847. The first church edifice was erected in 1855. The present edifice was dedicated in November, 1868. High mass was sung by Father McGee, of Albany, assisted by Fathers O'Neil and Harington. The dedicatory sermon was preached by Father O'Neil. Fathers Brennan and McLaughlin officiated as masters of ceremony. Among the clergy who have officiated for this church are the names of Fathers Gilbride, Constantine, Kinney, Furlong, Fitzpatrick, and Farall. The church is now in a prosperous condition, and is under the pastoral care of Rev. Father DeVitt, to whom much of its preswent prosperity is due. (The History of Otsego, NY, Duane Hamilton Hurd, 1878)

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Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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December 24, 1999

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