Cooperstown, Otsego, NY
Necrology, Part I
By Holice and Debbie

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The following is a list of the well-known residents and active business men of Cooperstown, who have departed this life since the death of J. Fenimore Cooper in 1851:




1852 Sept. 24 James Fenimore Cooper, aged sixty-two years.
  Oct. 29 Mrs. Mary Fuller, relict of Dr. Thomas Fuller, in her eightieth year.
1852 Jan. 20 Mrs. Susan Augusta, relict of J. Fenimore Cooper, in her sixtieth year.
  March 15 Mrs. Martha Wilson, in her ninety-fourth year.
  Dec. 8 Moses Lippitt, in his fiftieth year.
1853 Jan. 4 Wm. Burke, aged eighty-four years.
  May 28 Polly Lamb, in her seventieth year.
1854 June 16 Col. Peter Meghar, aged eighty years.
  July 10 Lawrence McNamee, aged eighty-two years.
  Oct. 22 Mrs. C. Dorrance, relict of Dr. Trumball Dorrance. Aged seventy-nine years.
  Oct. 11 Lyman Ball, aged forty-five years.
  Oct. 17 Chandler Root, in his forty-eighth year.
  Dec. 21 David Willard, aged forty-two years.
1855 March 2 Mrs. Catharine Ernst, aged seventy-two years.
  April 4 Abner Graves, aged eighty-nine years.
  May 4 James Stowell, aged sixty-eight years.
  Aug. 8 James M. Peak, aged forty-seven years.
  Aug. 24 Andrew M. Barber, aged forty-one years.
1856 May 9 Elijah Hyde Metcalf, aged forty years.
  Aug. 8 Lewis R. Palmer, aged forty-one years.
  Aug. 16 Melancton B. Jarvis, aged eighty-one years.
  Dec. 2 Miss Mary M. Miller, in her sixty-sixth year.
  Dec. 3 Mrs. Rachael Campbell, in her seventy-sixth year.
1857 Jan. 16 Dr. J. L. Fox, in his forty-seventh year.
  April 28 Mrs. Abigail Smith, mother of Dr. Thos. Smith, aged seventy years.
  Oct. 20 Mrs. Hannah Coffin, relict of J. P. Coffin, aged sixty-six years.
1858 Feb. 13 Cutler Field, aged forty-nine years.
  May 27 Levi H. Pierce, aged sixty-six years.
  July 19 Mrs. Marcia S. Willard, relict of David Willard, aged forty-two years.
  Sept. 27 Theodore Keese, in his fifty-eighth year.
  Oct. 17 Catharine metcalf, relict of Elijah H. Metcalf, aged seventy-five years.
1859 March 29 Mrs. Fanny Waterman, wife of Simeon Waterman, aged eighty-six years.
  Nov. 25 Miss Sabrina Wood, in her sixty-sixth year.
1860 Jan. 25 Alfred Carr, aged fifty-six years.
  Nov. 1 Isaac Tucker, in his fifty-fifth year.
1861 Feb. 18 John Brewer, in his sixty-fourth year.
  Feb. 21 Silas Root, in his eighty-fourth year.
  March 20 Miss Lucy Wood, aged sixty-nine years.
  April 14 Hosea F. Antisdel, in his forty-eighth year.
  May 17 Mrs. Sally Root, relict of Silas Root, in her seventy-eighth year.
  June 25 Thomas McIntosh, aged seventy years.
  June 26 Col. John H. Prentiss, in his seventy-eighth year.
  Aug. 18 Mrs. Eppa Graves, wife of Abner Graves, in her sixty-first year.
  Nov. 19 F. M. Burnett, aged forty years.
  Dec. 24 George Pomeroy, in his eighty-third year.
1862 Jan. 25 Luther Blodgett, in his seventy-ninth year.
  April 7 Miss Elizabeth Miller, in her seventieth year.
  May 7 Mrs. Maria Paul, in her seventy-fourth year.
  May 18 Ann Pomeroy, wife of Judge Crippens, in her fifty-first year.
  July 22 Horace Lathrop, in his seventy-sixth year.
  Sept. 3 Mrs. Sarah A. Beebe, aged fifty-eight years.
  Sept 24 Mrs. Lucy Sumner Crafts, aged ninety-six years.
  Nov. 25 Tommy Bronk, aged about ninety-five years.
  Dec. 16 Richard Cooper, aged fifty-four years.
1863 Jan 13 Jerome B. Wood, aged forty-two years.
  Jan 26 Elihu Phinney, in his seventy-eighth year.
  Feb. 27 Hannah Cooper Wessells, in her forty-eighth year.
  March 23 Alvan Potter, aged seventy-one years.
  Sept. 8 Mrs. Polly M. Hinman, aged sixty-one years.
  Sept. 28 Holder Cory, in his sixty-third year.
  Oct. 30 Edward B. Crandall, in his seventy-fourth year.
  Dec. 7 Ashbel Graves, in his seventy-fourth year.
1864 April 2 Harvey Marvis, aged forty-three years.
  April 29 James Cockett, aged forty-three years.
  Sept 19 Simeon Waterman, aged eighty-nine years.
  Sept. 19 Samuel M. Ingalls, in his eighty-fifth year.
1865 June 12 Loomis Brown, in his fiftieth year.
  Nov. 14 Irvine M Persons, aged thirty-six years.
  Nov. 24 Mrs. Georgiana Keese, in her fifty-ninth year.
1866 Jan. 3 Wm. G. S. Hall, in his forty-third year.
  Jan. 17 Mrs. Mary Crandell. Aged seventy years.
  March 6 Seth Doubleday, in his seventy-second year.
  March 31 David Ball, aged sixty-one years.
  May 11 Mrs. Marcia McNamee, aged eighty-one years.
  May 26 George L. Brown, in his forty-ninth year.
  July 3 John S. Olive, aged eighty-four years.
  Aug. 17 Mrs. Maria M. Fitch, aged sixty-three years.
  Sept. 22 William Wilson, aged seventy-seven years.
  Nov. 7 Mrs. Annie Burke, aged ninety years.
  Dec. 7 Lyman J. Walworth, in his sixty-fifth year.
1867 Feb. 28 John Brimmer, aged sixty-seven years.
  March 13 Levi Turner, aged sixty-one years
  March 27 Rev. Geo. Kerr, aged fifty-five years.
  April 21 Stephen Gregory, aged seventy-seven years.
  May 14 Mrs. Candace B. Angell, aged sixty-five years.
  June 3 J. Chauncey N. Chapman, aged sixty-nine years.
  Sept. 16 Mrs. Zilpha Babcock, aged ninety years.
  Nov. 6 Wm. L. Bingham, aged forty-nine years.
  Nov. 15 Ariel Thayer, aged eighty-two years.
  Nov. 16 B. S. Howe, aged sixty-three years.
1868 Feb. 20 Hiram S. Babcock, aged fifty-seven years.
  March 8 Mrs. Mary Schrom, in her eightieth year.
  April 13 Stephen L. Williams, aged fifty-three years.
  July 7 Mrs. Sally Greeene, aged sixty-eight years.
  Sept. 3 Wm. Nichols, in his eighty-second year.
  Sept. 7 Alfred Robinson, in his fifty-third year.
  Sept 24 Isaac S. Parker, in his seventy-eighty year.
  Oct. 6 Mrs. Elisa B. Wellman, in her seventy-first year.
1869 Jan. 20 Henry P Metcalf, aged sixty-two years.
  Feb. 3 Mary Ann Boden, aged seventy-two years.
  March 10 Abel S. Babcock, aged sixty-two years.
  March 13 Mrs. Adin Adams, aged sixty-seven years.
  March 17 Wm. Cooper, aged sixty-four tears.
  April 21 Mrs. Maria McGown, aged seventy-three years.
  May 3 Marius B. Angell, aged Thirty-eight years.
  May 31 Mrs. Mary Potter, aged sixty-six years.
  June 26 David H. Beggs, aged fifty-eight years.
  Sept. 23 Herman Kinne, aged seventy-one years.
  Sept. 25 James Cox, aged ninety-two years.
  Nov. 6 Mrs. Candus Hews, aged sixty-four years.
  Dec. 8 Calvin H. Davis, aged sixty-two years.
1870 Jan. 15 Mrs. Peter Bice, aged seventy-five years.
  Feb. 5 Abijah Barnum, aged seventy-six years.
  March 24 Levi Wood, aged eighty-one years.
  April 7 Mrs. Ann Pomeroy, in her eighty-seventh year
  April 11 Mrs. Lavina Sturges, aged seventy-seven years.
  June 14 Miss Mary Fowler, aged eighty-four years.
  June 16 Mrs. Eliza C. Morehouse, in her seventy-second year.
  June 24 Mrs. MaryAnn Doubleday, aged sixty-three years.
  July 25 Mrs. Esther Lippitt, in her sixty-six year.
  Aug. 27 Thomas Bourne, in his sixty-eighth year.
  Oct. 14 James McGown, aged seventy-four years.
  Dec. 2 Chas. Thurston, in his ninety-first year.
  Dec. 14 Rev. Chas. S. Steward, aged seventy-five years.
1871 Jan. 11 Mrs. Margaret Thurston, aged eighty-four years.
  March 23 Harvey Hollister, aged sixty-six years.
  April 4 Joshua H. Story, in his fifty-third year.
  Oct. 7 Thomas Clarke, in his sixty-third year.
  Nov. 23 Wm. A. Comstock, aged sixty-two years.
  Dec. 5 Mrs. Margaret McIntosh, aged seventy-five years.

*From the History of Otsego, NY, by Duane Hamilton Hurd, 1878

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Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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December 24, 1999

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