Cooperstown, Otsego, NY
Cooper Necrology, Part II
By Holice and Debbie

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Cooper Necrology, Part II

Year Date


1872 Jan. 12 James Bloomfield, in his sixty-sixth year.
  Jan. 17 Mrs Eunice Fancher, aged sixty-nine years.
  Jan. 23 John Collar, aged sixty-five years.
  Jan. 23 John Eggleston, in his sixty-first year.
  Feb. 6 Margarette M. S. Bowers, in her ninety-fourth year.
  Feb. 6 Mrs Deborah Carr, in her sixty-fist year.
  March 1 Schuyler Crippes, aged seventy-seven years.
  March 14 Lewis Hinman, in his seventy-fifth year.
  June 29 J. Russell Potter, aged sixty-five years.
  Aug. 1 Daniel Lamb, aged eighty-seven years.
  Sept. 5 Patrick Hewes, aged sixty-seven years.
  Dec. 5 Samuel M. Childs, aged seventy-seven years.
  Dec. 15 Mrs. Polly Niles, aged sixty-five years.
  Dec. 23 John C. Easton, in his seventy-ninth year.
  Dec. 30 Thomas Wilson, aged seventy-two years.
1873 Jan. 11 Rev. John Wallace, aged seventy years.
  April 2 Mrs. Lucy C. Sexton, aged eighty-two years.
  April 16 Daniel W. Chapman, aged fifty-five years.
  Aug. 17 William H. Averill, aged seventy-nine years.
  Oct. 16 Mrs. Mary Ann Cooper, in her ninetieth year.
  Oct. 21 Edward Edwards, aged fifty-six years.
  Dec. 13 Samuel Nelson, aged eighty-one years.
  Dec. 19 Henry Scott, aged eighty-two years.
1874 Jan. 6 Emma Fuller, aged seventy-nine years, three months.
  Jan. 22 Ellery Cory, aged eighty years, nine months.
  Feb. 9 Wm. H. Ruggles, aged fifty-three years, four months.
  March 26 Seth T. Winslow, aged sixty-three year.
  April 22 Sally Doubleday, in her eighty-second year.
  June 27 Caroline Jordan Clark, in her fifty-ninth year.
  Nov. 2 Mrs. James Prentiss, aged forty years.
1875 Jan. 5 Daniel Peck, in his seventy-fourth year.
  Jan. 12 Mrs. Elmira Dewey, in her seventieth year.
  Feb. 15 Noah W. Ripley, aged seventy-seven years.
  Feb. 18 Mrs.Esther S. Lewis, in her eighty-second year.
  Feb. 23 Mrs. Catharine H. Nichols, aged eighty-six years.
  March 18 Henry Gould, aged sixty-nine years
  March 24 Mrs. Hannah Ray, aged eighty-one years.
  April 9 Mrs. Catherine A. Nelson, aged seventy years.
  April 17 Alfred Brockway, aged ninety-two years.
  May 16 Simon Van Sies, aged eighty-one year, eleven months.
  May 16 William Nelson, aged forty years.
  May 30 Mrs. Abner Graves, aged sixty-eight years.
  Aug. 12 Robert Davis, aged sixty-eight years, eleven months.
  Sept. 2 Dr. Thomas Smith, aged seventy years.
  Sept. 27 Jedediah P. Sill, in his sixty-eighth year.
  Oct. 28 Henry Ford Phinney, in his fifty-ninth year.
  Dec. 24 Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers, aged eighty-one years.
1876 Jan. 22 Mrs. Mary Morris Foote, in her seventieth year
  Feb. 9 Mrs. Electra Pierce, in her eighty-sixth year.
  April 12 Kent Jarvis, in his thirtieth year.
  May 21 Mrs. Mary Peck, inher seventy-fourth year.
1877 Jan. 7 Lucy E. McLean, inher twenty-first year.
  Feb. 3 Julia L. Niles, aged forty-nine years.
  Feb. 3 Simeon W. Niles, aged seventy-nine years.
  March 8 Edwin S. Coffin, aged sixty-six years.
  March 25 Mrs. Mary Ann Sharrock, aged fifty-six years.
  March-- Mrs. Mary Ann Pumpelly
  April 17 Mrs. Julia Moeker, aged fifty-five years.
  April 21 Ransom Spafard, in his seventy-sixth year.
  April 21 James McNally Jr, aged forty-five years.
  April 21 Dsavid Snyder, aged seventy-two years.
  May 5 Jacob Van Nort, aged forty-eight years.
  May 25 Hannah McCoy, aged seventy-three years.
  June 1 Mrs. Naomi Lakin, aged fifty years.
  June 7 George Donavan, aged twenty-nine years.
  June 12 George Jarvis, aged sixty-seven years.
  June 15 Mrs. Mary Converse, aged seventy-nine years.
  June 28 Edwin Grabe, aged fourteen months.
  June 30 Rufus D. Wills, aged fifty-five years.
  July 4 Albert S. Harper, aged six months.
  Aug. 8 Herbert D. Harper, aged seven months.
  Aug. 18 Mrs. Harriet J. C. DeWitt, aged forty-eight years.
  Sept. 1 Wilhemina Dennisson, aged twenty-three years.
  Sept. 10 Mrs. Libbie Newell, in her twenty-fifth year.
  Sept. 14 Mrs. marilla Peck, aged eighty-two years.
  Oct. 2 Jeremiah C. Adams, aged fifty-four years.
  Oct. 20 Alma Miranda Crafts.
  Nov. 23 Alice Simmons, aged twenty-three years.
  Nov. 29 George Story, aged seventy-four years.
  Dec. 29 Mrs. Abby Card, aged seventy-six years.
1878 Jan. 15 John R. Worthington, aged seventy-three years.

*The History of Otsego, NY, by Duane Hamilton Hurd, 1878

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Transcribed by Holice B. Young

Copyright Debbie Axtman and Holice B. Young

December 24, 1999

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