Cooperstown, Otsego, NY
Lodges & Fire Departments
By Holice and Debbie


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I. O. of G. T.

Cooperstown Lodge, No. 663, I. O. of G. T., was instituted by G. W. Williams, then the G. W. Sec. of New York, July 16, 1868, in the Methodist Episcopal Church, with 28 charter members.  Its first officers were:

Rev. Willis L. Thorp, W. C. T.
Carrie T. Russell, W. V. T.
Geo. W. Pennington, Sec.
D. L. Hecox, Sec.
E. Delavan Hills, Treas.
Rev. Mr. Burditt, Chaplain
J. F. Reustle, Marshal
M. Moak, Guard
M. W. Russell, Sentinel.
Libbie Glazier, W. A. S.
Libbie Deyo, D. M.
Kate Deyo, R. H.S.
Jennie Witt, L. H. S.

The first three meeting of the lodge were held in a juryroom in the court-house. A Room was then rented in the seminary (now the Cooper House), where meetings were held for s nearly a year. The meetings are now held in Off-Fellows hall, on Main Street.

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Since its organization over 325 persons have passed through its forms of initiation, and at one time it reported to the grand lodge nearly 200 members in good standing, while its present membership is 61.

Its present officers are:

B. Ismond, W. C. T.
Miss E. E. Niles, W. V. T.
M. W. Russell, Sec.
Wm. Russell, F. Sec.
Miss Carrie T. Russell, Treas.

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It is in a flourishing condition, having among its members several reformed men, and during its existence has been the means of doing a good work in the temperance reform. A considerable amount of money has been expended since its organization, for charitable purposes, among its members.

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The first regularly constituted fire company in this village was what is now known as "Rescue Engine Co., No. 2," organized in about the year 1802, at which a fire-engine was presented to the village by Isaac Cooper. A man named Carpenter was captain in 1840. In 1844 German Synder was elected captain, and officiated in that capacity twenty years.

Protection Engine No., No. 1," was organized some time prior to 1820.

"Neptune Engine Co., No. 3," was organized May 8, 1841, and the following were chosen first officers:

Augustus Putnam

first lieutenant

John B. Williams

second lieutenant

Ralph R. Lathrop


Charles J. Stillman


James Evans



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"Phinney Hose Co., No. 1," was organized in 1871, and named in honor of H. F. Phinney.

"Nelson Hose Co., No. 2," was organized in August, 1874, under the name of the "Rescue Hose Co., No. 2." In April, 1876, it was changed to its present name in honor of the late Samuel Nelson.

"Winning Hose Co., No. 3," was organized June 22, 1874, named in honor of John Winning, of Fort Plain, N. Y.

The department is now in a prosperous condition, and numbers 131 men, as follows: 1 chief of engineer, 2 assistants, 128 members of companies, of whom 81 are engine men, 81 hose men, and 15 hook-and-ladder men.

The members of the department as at present organized are as follows:

Marcus Field chief engineer
Protection Engine Co., No. 1.
C. R. Burch foreman
O. J. Walradt first assistant
Frank Carroll second assistant
N. W. Cole secretary
S. W. Keyes treeasurer
W. H. Russell D. L. Birge
S. W. Bingham J. Warren Lamb
W. H. Bunn B. M. Casy
F. A. Goffe G. D. Hinman
B. F. Murdock George Peck
Andrew Shaw W. E. Cory
T. C. Smith D. E. Siver
W. H. Merchant T. S. Sayles
John Worthington J. G. Wight
M. A. Smith T. H. Bingham
M. H. Lippitt T. W. Eldred
G. M. Grant A. A. Jarvis
H. K. Murdock W. H. Peek
W. G. Smith total 32
Rescue engine Co., No. 2:
H. J. Russell foreman
V. P. Cooper first assistant
Israel Parshall second assistant
M. W. Russell secretary
D. L. Hecox treasurer
S. S. Edick Mathias Harvey
G. W. Holman F. M. Robinson
Robert Pease Hiram Tuthill
Nelson Smith W. H. Furgerson
Jacob Bell F. C. Parshall
David Bice George Spingler
Sanford Casler W. H. Henry
E. H. Bailey total 25
Neptune Engine Co., No. 3:
Albert Pierce foreman
James Bunyan first assistant.
Harrison Ball second assistant
E. P. Cory secretary
H. L. Hinman treasurer
John McCabe steward
Malachi Kraham O. Benton
Henry Converse Levi Gray
E. Adams Jacob Rurey
Michael Brady L. B. Knapp
Chareles R. Hartson Jerome Fish
Chas. R. Peck G. Schermerhorn
G. T. Winslow DelosVan Ort
George Shaw Laurence McCabe
Jas Bowes William Robbins
total, 24  
Phinney Hose Co., No. 1:
W. A. Crockett foreman
W. S. Bassinger secretary
W. E. Leaning treasurer
P. Hotailing E. S. Brocham F. B. House
S. D. Temple H. Ellsworth
J. M. Russell W. J. Ryan
C. E. Smith  
Nelson Hose Co., No. 2
M. W. Russell  
E. A. Childs foreman
C. S. Cuppernail first assistant
Charles Bullis second assistant
Firefighters: special secretary
Henry Youmans Chas. Wood
Emmett Peck E. Stocking
Christopher Jones Charles Collar
Winning Hose Co., No. 3:
J. F. Reustle foreman
G. M. Jarvis first assistant
F. R. Winnie T. C. Turner
H. C. Richmond A. A. Cooley
T. B. Tunnicliff C. P. Thomspon
F. L. Palmer John Fulner
E. D Bunday  
Mechanics' Hood-and-Ladder Co., No. 5:
John Pank foreman.
E. T. Newall first assistant.
V. A. Hyam secretary
C. L. Root treasurer
A. J.. Wikoff steward
Albert Evans F. G. Lewis
L. Stiles M. M. Millis
E. W. Filmore A. Gorringe
Peter McCabe F. M. Hendersott
John W. Scott George A. Persons

*The History of Otsego, NY, by Duane Hamilton Hurd, 1878

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December 24, 1999

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