The History of Otsego, NY 
Names of Citizens

By Holice and Debbie


Coates, Lucy A.

b. Maryland, s. 1837, Westville

Campbell, R. D. Farmer, b. cherry Valley, s. 1817, p. o. add Westville

Bidlake, N.

Merchant and Justice of the Peace, b. Westford in 1810, p. o. add Westford

Draper, F. P.

Dealer in butter, b. Westford in 1819, p. o. add Westford

Newton, J. S.

merchant, b. Middlefield, s. 1840, p. o. add Westville

Patrick, Thomas

Farmer, b. Westford in 1835, p. o. add Elk Creek

Prindle, Henry

Farmer, b. Maryland, s. 1834, p. o. add Elk Creek

Preston, L. E.

Farmer, b. Westford in 1816, p. o. add Westford.

Roseboom, Horace

Farmer, b. Westford in 1827, p. o. add Maple Valley

Salisbury, Denton

Lumber Manufacturer, b. Westford in 11823, p. o. add Westford

Saxton, Wm. R.

Farmer, b. Middlefield, s. 1850, p. o. add Westville

Snyder, T. A.

Pastor of Episcopal Church, b. Westford in 1847, p. o. add Westford

Tuthill, A. G.

School Commissioner, b. Maryland, s. 1825, p. o. add Westford.

Tyler, W. H.

merchant and Postmaster, b. Westford in 1839, p. o. add Westford

Utter, Wm.

Farmer, b. Cairo, s. 1812, p. o. add Westford

Wing, Geo.

Farmer and Supervisor, b. Pittstown, s. 1826, p. o. add Westford

Wilber, G.

Farmer and School Teacher, b. Westford in 1817, p. o. add Westford

Wilsey, J., Farmer

b. Westford in 1822, p. o. add Elk Creek

Bentley, Wm. H.

Farmer and Commercial Traveler, b. Westford in 1823, p. o. add Maple Valley

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

HTML by Debbie

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