Exeter Military Record
Civil War 

By Holice and Debbie


The following enlisted to fill the quota for this town in the late Rebellion:

John Anders

enl in co. D, 140 Regt, in 1863; died at Newbern, N. C.

Halsey S. Arnold

died in New York

Horace Acker


John Arnold.


Hiram Barber

enl in 153d Regt. Oct. 1861, wounded.

Robert Burks

enl in Fifth N Y Cav, in 1862

Chas. Brisbin

enl in 153d. Regt.

William Stiles

enl in1861

Thos. G. Burgess

enl in 6th Cav. Sept. 6, 1861; dis for disability. Broken Shoulder; re-enl in co K, 15th Cav. killed at Petersburg, Sept. 6,1864

John Bush

enl in Co. I 2d Art. Jan. 8, 1864, died

John Buckley

enl in the navy

Edward Butler

enl in the navy

John Brown

enl in the regular army

Joseph F. ?

enl in the regular army

John H. Chappell

enl in Co. A 1st Art, Aug. 14, 1861

Frederick A. Chappell

enl in Co. A 1st art, Aug, 16, 1861

Charles W. Chappell

enl in Co. F, 44th Regt

Jerome Carter


Teber Card

enl in Co. A, 1st Art. Sept. 21, 1864

Clark W. Dickey

enl in Co. A 1st Art. Aug. 14, 18??

George Doty

enl in the 76th Regt

D. Dorf

enl in Co. L, 2d Art. Dec. 30, 1862, died

James Evans

enl in Co. A, 1st. Art. Dec. 21, 1863

Chas. H. Fenton

enl in 121st Regt

William L. Fenton

enl in 121st. Regt

Lewis Fairchild

enl in Co. L. 2d Art. Jan. 6, 1864

Sherman Fay

enl in 1st Eng

Patrick Franklin

enl in 43rd Regt.

Frank Patrick

enl in regulars, Sept. 12, 1864

Adelbert Green

enl in 2d Cav.

John Griffith


Robert Black

enl in 44th Regt.

Orville Hiack

enl in 21st Regt, killed in battle

Andrew J. Huntley

enl in Co. F, 121st. Regt, Aug. 20, 1862

Damon Higbie

enl in Co. A, 1st. Art. Aug. 14, 1862

Milton Higbie

enl in Co. A, 1st. Art, Aug. 14, 1864, promoted to 2d Lieut

Emanuel House

enl in the 44th Regt, died

J. Hinds

enl in the Co. B, 152dd Regt. first lieut., died

Thomas T. Haight

enl in Co. I 2d Art.

William B. Hadsell

enl in Co. A, 12th Cav, Aug. 1862, died

William Hassett

enl in Co. F, 121st. Regt, Aug. 20, 1862; wounded

Thomas Hassett

enl in Co. F, 121st. Regt. Aug. 20, 1862; wounded

Charles Hadsell

enl in Co. L, 3d Art. Jan. 5, 1864; died at Andersonville

John Hull

enl in Co. L, 2d H. A, Dec. 30, 1863, died

Orion Haight

enl in Co. L, 2d H A, Dec. 30, 1864, lost leg at Farmville

Dennison Hassett

enl in Co. I, 2d H.A., Jan. 1, 1864

Laurentine Higbie

enl in Co.A, 1st L. A.Dec. 31, 1861

Anen W. Johnson

enl in Co. F, 121st. Regt. Aug. 23, 1862, in battle of Chancellorsville

Henry W. Jones

enl in 1st. Eng

Richard Johnson

enl in the regular army, Sept. 12, 1864

Edward Kidder

enl in 121st. Regt

Joseph ?

enl in regular service, Sept. 12, 1864

Thomas Kelley

enl in regular service, ? 13, 1864

Lorin ?

enl in 121st. Regt. Sept 3, 1864

John Heller


Sylvester Loomis

enl in 1st Regt. Cav

Leonard Love

enl in 2d Regt. Cav

Joseph Landsdale

enl Sept. 7, 1864

Michael Lawter

enl in Navy, in 1864

Wallace W. Mattison

enl in 121st Regt. o 1861

Allen ?

enl in 121st. Regt

Joseph McArthur


Daniel Mott

enl in 2d Regt, Cav, died at Andersonville.

James A. Mason

enl in 121st. Regt.

Chas. Morey

enl in 121st. Regt.

Neal Myers

enl in Co. B 3d H. Art. Jan. 3, 1864.

Erastus Merrill

enl in Co. I, 3d H. Art. Jan. 5, 1864

John McLachland

enl in Navy, Sept. 3, 1864; sub for W. W. Wood

Ceylon Niles

enl in 1st Regt.

Chas. Noyes

enl in 34th Regt.

George Norton

enl in Co. D, 1st. Regt, Nov. 10, 1861; died at Hilton Head. Aug. 2, 1863

Albert Norton

died April 22, 1862

Chas. Pickens

enl in 121st. Regt.

Harlon Pickens

enl in Co. A, 1st Art. Aug. 14, 1862; dis. July 1, 1865.

David Pratt

sergt, enl in 2d Cav, died in New York

James Palmer

enl in 121st Regt.

Joseph M. Plans

enl in 1st. Art. Sept. 14, 1862.

David Pullen

enl in Co. I 2d H. Art, Dec. 21, 1864.

Nathaniel Pierson

enl in Co. L, 2d H. Art, Dec. 24, 1864

John Phillips

enl in Co. A, 1st Art, Sept. 3, 1864

Thomas Pearson

enl in Navy, Aug. 31, 1862

John Quinlan

enl in Navy, July 30, 1864

Henry Rowell

enl in 26th Regt.

Delon Rose

Q. M. sergt, enl in 1st Art, Aug. 14, 1862.

Griffin Reno

surg, in the 66th Regt.

Leo C. Stone

enl in Co. A, 1st. Art, Aug. 14, 1862; dis January, 1863.

John Sweet


Chas. W. Scudder

enl in 1st. Eng.

Samuel C. Smith

enl in 1st. Eng.

William R. Sweet

enl in Co. K, 13th Regt, Aug. 2, 1864; died in Washington Sept. 16, 1864.

Wallace W. Small

enl in 1st. Eng.

Edwin Small


Hiram Soule


Alexander Stanton

enl in Co. I, 3d H. Art. Dec. 31, 1861; dis for disability

Edwin D. Spoonsburg

enl in Co. I, 3d H. Art, Dec. 31, 1863; dis for Disability

Chas. Smith

enl in regular Army, in 1864

James A. Taft

enl in Co. F, 121st Regt. Aug. 20, 1863 2nd lieut.

Carlton Taylor

enl in 2d Cav

Elisha Town

enl in Co. I 2d H. Art. Dec. 30, 1863.

Daniel Pomeroy Van Court

enl in 36th Regt.

George H. Van Court

enl in Co.I. 2d H. Art. Dec. 28, 1863; died in 1864

Eugene Van Court

enl in Co. A, 1st. Art. September, 1864; died in 1864

Henry Wakely

enl in Cavalry

Jerome Wood

enl in 2d Cav.

William Willear

enl in Cav.

Frances Woldron


John C. Walworth

Enl in Co. I, 2d H. Art, Jan. 5, 1864

Frederick Worthingel

enl in regular service; sub for Delavan Huntley

P. Biles

enl in Co.I, 2d H. Art, Jan. 1, 1864

Herman H. Wood

enl in 1st Cav, Sept. 21, 1864

Matteson W. Wallace


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