The History of Otsego, NY 
History of Exeter

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Organization—Geographical — Topographical — First Settlers and Their Locations-Initial Events — Incidents — First town-Meeting -- Officers Elected — Supervisors and town Clerks from 1799 to 1878 -- Agricultural and General statistics — Area — Assessed and Equalized Valuations — Population from 1809 to 1875.

This town was formed from Richfield, March 25, 1799. It is an interior town lying, south wet of the centre of the county, and is bounded as follows, viz.: one the south, by Plainfield and Richfield; on the east, by Richfield, Oaks creed, and Schuyler’s Lake, which separate it from the town of Otsego; on the south, by Otsego and Burlington; and on the west, by Burlington and Plainfield.

The surface is generally hilly, some of the elevations reaching a height of five hundred feet above the valleys. It is drained by Herkimer and Sutherland creeks, which flow into Schuyler’s Lake, and Butternut and Wharton’s creeks, which empty into the Unadilla River. A small stream, called Rockdunder creek, rises in the southwestern part, and is a tributary of Wharton’s Creek. The soil of Exeter is a clayey loam mixed with gravel, and is well adapted to grazing.

The permanent settlement of this town was begun in 1789, by Major John Tunnicliff and William Angell. Major Tunnicliff located near Schuyler’s Lake, in the southeastern part of the town, on lands now owned by J. Fern. He is a prominent citizen, and did much toward the improvement of this locality. He reared a large family. One daughter, Mrs. Judd, now about seventy-five years of age, resides at Schuyler’s Lake.

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