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Peter S, Smith, M D., was born in the town of Kortright, Delaware Co., N. Y., Dec. 25, 1812, being the son of Elijah C. and Electra Smith. His father was born in the town of Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y., in 1788, and at seven years of age he came with his father to Kortright. In 1812 he was married, settled on a farm in that town, where he endured all the dangers and privations incident to frontier life. In 1819 he removed to Meredith, in the same county, still carrying on the business of farming. His family consisted of twelve children, of whom can be said, no nobler sons or worthier daughters have gone forth to bless the world. Mr. Smith ended a busy life Oct. 29, 1874, at the age of eighty-six years.

The subject of this sketch passed his early life on his fatherís farm, and what education he received was obtained at the district school; but at the age of twenty-four he attended medical lectures at Fairfield college, in Herkimer Co., N. Y., where he remained for two courses of lectures. In the spring of 1838 he attended college at Woodstock, Vt., where he received his diploma in June of that year.

The following year he commenced the practice of medicine in East Franklin, Delaware Co., and Oct. 10, 1839, was married to Betsey Tuttle, who was a native of the town of Meredith, Delaware Co. Their family consisted of four children, two of whom are now living,--Clinton, born Oct. 9, 1841; Charles L. born Jan. 8, 1847,--both being natives of Delaware county, the former still a resident there, and the latter residing in Nebraska.

Dr. Smithís wife quietly passed away from earth March 16, 1847. He was subsequently married to Mrs. Lucy Seeley, Sept. 16, 1847, and in the following year he removed to the town of Hartwick, Otsego Co., where he has since practiced medicine. His second wife died Jan. 7, 1863. He again married, Sept. 7, 1864, choosing Lydia R., daughter of Isaac S. Ford, of Richfield, as his companion. She was born in Salisbury, Herkimer Co., N. Y. Their family consisted of only one child, who died in infancy.

Dr. Smith was originally a member of the Democratic Party, but being opposed to the extension of slavery, in 1856 he joined the Republican ranks, of which party he has since been an active worker. He has held several town offices, having been supervisor during the years1862 and 1863. He has regularly attended the Baptist church, and has given largely of his means for the support of various churches in his town. Dr. Smith is esteemed by his friends and neighbors not only for his skill as a practicing physician, but also for his good qualities of head and heart, which make him a worthy friend, a good neighbor, and an enterprising townsman.


Torry J. Luce was a native of this county, being born in Middlefield, April 5, 1798, and was the son of John and Sally Luce. His father carried on the business of blacksmithing and farming. His life was passed in the mercantile business.

He was married March 14, 1825, to Huldah Eliza, daughter of Amasa and Sarah Peters, she being born in the town of Hartwick, April 2, 1807. Her father was one of the early settlers of that town, having removed from the State of Connecticut, of which he was a native, about the year 1790. Their family consisted f Rufus P., born in Middlefield, May 12, 1826; Caroline L., born June 13, 1828; Cynthia Ann, born May 17, 1830, who died in infancy; Dolphus Skinner, born March 17, 1832, died Oct. 17, 1876,--the last three were natives of the town of Butternuts; Henry James, born in Hartwick, march 5, 1847.

Mr. Luce was a member of the Democratic Party, and held various town offices, having been supervisor, justice of the peace, etc. He was a member of the Universalist church, as was also his wife.


Cyrus Short was born in Hartwick, Nov. 22, 1824, being the youngest of a family of fifteen children. Amasa, his father, was a native of Connecticut, born July 7, 1772, and emigrated to this town in 1794, and was married in 1799. His wife, Elizabeth, was born in Greenbush, Albany co., Feb. 29, 1782.His father was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, and sacrificed his life to establish the independence of his country. He died Dec. 9, 1844; his wife survived him but a few years, she passing away Aug. 15, 1851. Cyrus passed his early life on his fatherís farm, and has pursued that business ever since, being located on the same farm at the present time which his father cleared and settled when he first came to his town. He was married Oct. 13, 1845, to Mary M., daughter of George and Polly Murdock, old settlers of the town of Hartwick, where she was born Aug. 24, 1827. Their family consists of nine children, seven of whom are living. Adaline A., born April 2, 1847, died Aug. 31, 1848; George C., born Sept. 15, 1848, died Oct. 31, 1851; William, born Oct. 25, 1850; Annie M. April 16, 1853; John H., Nov. 15, 1855; Charles D., June 19, 1859; Ella M., April 3, 1863; Fred L., April 8, 1868; Gilbert C., July 31, 1872. All natives of the town of Hartwick.

For over twenty-five years Mr. Short and wife have been active members of the First Presbyterian Church of Milford, and his children, William, John, Annie and Ella, also are members of the same church. Politically, he belongs to the Republican Party.

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