The History of Otsego, NY 
Maryland Early History

By Holice and Debbie



Organization — Geographical — Topographical — First Settlers — Their Locations — Initial Events — Incident — The First Town-Meeting — Officers Elected—Supervisors and Town Clerks from 1806 to 1876 - Present town Officers — Agricultural and General Statistics —  Area — Assessed and Equalized Valuation-Population.

This town was formed from the old town of Worcester, which was set off from Cherry Valley in 1797. Maryland was organized March 25, 1808. It lies on the south line of the county, and is bounded as follows: on the north, by Westford; on the east, by Worcester; on the south, by Delaware county; and on the west, by Milford. The principal stream is the Schenevus creek, which flows southwest through the town. Elk Creek and several smaller streams are tributaries. The surface consists chiefly of a hilly upland, broken by ravines. The soil is a sandy loam, and well adapted to grazing.

The settlement of the town dates back to 1790, eight years prior to its organization, when those sturdy pioneers, Israel, Eliphas, and Phineas Spencer, and Elisha Chamberlain, threaded their way into the wilderness, and located in the vicinity now known as the Maryland Station on the railroad.

The first settlers near where Chaseville is now located were Joshua Houghton and two sons, Jeremiah, and Daniel. The latter was a captain in the war of 1812.

Two sons of Daniel reside in the town; Daniel D. resides at Chaseville, and Eliphalet E. is a physician in the village of Schenevus, where he has practiced nearly a quarter of a century.

Wilder, Ezekiel, and John Rice came in soon after, and located in this vicinity. Coincident with the settlement was that of Caleb Boynton, who located in the eastern portion of the town, and Joseph Howe, who settled in Elk Creek.

Early settlers and large landowners were Josiah Chase and Joshua Bigelow. These active pioneers came into the town in 179, and purchased a tract of land containing 1000 acres. They each erected a log house; the former on the site now occupied by the house of Albert Barney, and the latter on the premises owned by S. R. Slingerland. The Chase lot was subsequently divided by a line extending north and south, and a portion of the western part was sold to John Tuthill, a pioneer, who settled soon after Chase, and south of him, on the same lot, located Daniel Seaver, who married a daughter of Chase.

Other early occupants of the Bigelow tract were Asa Houghton, Peter Roman, and Edward Goddard.

The year 1794 witnessed the arrival of many pioneers, prominent among whom were John Thompson and his two sons John and James, from Columbia County. They located near the foot of "Crosshorn." A son of John Thompson, Jr., named John T., resides in Schenevus. He has represented his town in the board of supervisors four terms, the first of which was in the year 1848. James M., a son of John T., is a merchant in the village of Schenevus; has officiated as supervisor six terms, four of which were in succession.

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