The History of Otsego, NY 
First Businesses & Trustees

By Holice and Debbie

The first trustees were E. E. Ferrey, president; A. C. De Long, Chas. Sterer, Wellington E. Crippen; Philor Benedict, clerk






E. E. Ferrey

Chas. Stever, Chester Gurney, John fields

Philor Benedict, Clerk until June, when Chas. E. Graham was appointed.


A. C. Delong

H. M. Hanor, W. J. Merrihew, Julian Ferrey

Chas. H. Graham


L. T. Brown

John Fields, L. Waterman, Jas. Robinson

Julius R. Thompson


Timothy Parsons

J. E. Tyler, W. J. Merrihew, Geo. E. Guy

S. H. Gurney


Philor Benedict

Jos. B. Robinson, Julius Ferrey, Oscar P. Toombs

S. H. Gurney


W. J. Merrihew

A. C. Delong, Chas. H. Graham, Thos. Page the two latter elected for two years

O. F. Lane


Joseph B. Robinson,

R. C. Wilson two years

O. F. Lane

The village has a population of about 800, contains two churches,--Methodist and Baptist,-- and the following business interests:


Philor Benedict, Chas. H. Graham, J. R. Thompson and Geo. M. Spencer.


E. E. Houghton and H. W. Boorn


J. Henry Follett


Peter H. Mitchell & Co.-founded by Thompson, Chester and co. in 1870


Schenevus Monitor, S. J. Douglass, editor and proprietor.


S. H. Gurney

Dry-goods and general stores

J. M. Thompson, J. McHarg, C. M. Wade, and S. Strauss


J. M. Thompson, J. McHarg.


Mills & Gleason.


W. H. Bennett

Groceries, book etc.

A. J. Bates.

Boots and shoes

Cleveland & Wright, G. H. Spencer, H. Wilcox, and E. Flynn.

Justice of the Peace

S. H. Gurney


J. T. Welton.


E. E. Brownell.


F. E. Page, Milo Kelley, and Mrs. J. Mills


Aylesworth & Gurney, Toomb & Lake.

Furniture, etc.

S. H. Walker, Ferrey & Butts.

Bedstead Mfg.

Ferrey & Guy,


Guy & Follett, E. E. Ferry Estate.


L. Waterman.

Carriage Mfg.

P. Brown T. L. Brown, F. T. Starr, H. E. Carpenter.


J. P. Manning, John Chase, F. Rurey.


R. H. Gleason


H. Follett, Seward & Noonen, W. O. Mills, P. Brown, M. O’Brian.


P. J. Brady


Hawver & Griffen, Julian Hubbard.


W. J. Merrihew, M. Kelley, W. Kelley, John Wright.


Mrs. G. C. Guy, Mrs. G. Wright, Miss A. D. Gilland, Mrs. B. S. Morehouse, and Schermerhorn Tice.


J. W. Sullivan


T. W. Enories

There is also an excellent band of music in the village called the Schenevus Valley Band.

The citizens of Schenevus have ever manifested a laudable interest in educational matters, and their graded school ranks among the best educational institution in the county.

The school-building is a neat and substantial two-story frame structure, pleasantly located on Arch street. The present faculty is as follows: Floyd S. Lowell, principal; Amelia Spencer, assistant principal; Mary R. Kelley, intermediate department; Clara Hubbard, primary department.

The flood of July 29, 1873, will long be remembered by those who witnessed the terrible storm and saw the deluge of water which came pouring down upon Schenevus, carrying destruction in its train. The storm broke upon the locality at about four o’clock in the aft4rnoon of the day mentioned; and although much damage was occasioned to the surrounding country, its greatest fury was spent upon the village. Mr. A. Hotchkin, in speaking of this flood says, "Some idea of the deluge and its destruction may be gathered from the fact that the water commenced to fall at four o’clock, and at five—one hour—the stream, on flat ground back of the writer’s house (before dry), was running at a rate of forty miles an hour, was from four to eight feet deep, and twenty rods wide." Every gorge road, within an area of about eight miles long and three wide, up and down the creek from Schenevus, was torn to pieces, damaging them to the amount of $10,000. The estimated damage caused by this deluge, including farms, roads, and village property, was from $50,000 to $100,000. The principal sufferers in the village was Lane & Hotchkin, Chas. H. Graham, F. H. Cleveland, Wm. E. Carpenter, German Wright, and Christian Hotchkin.

Chaseville, located neat the centre of the town, contains a Baptist church, store, post-office, etc.

Maryland has two churches,--Lutheran and Christian,--two stores, two hotels, blacksmith-shop, etc.

Elk Creek, in the southern part, is a hamlet. Has one church—Methodist Episcopal—and a store.

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