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The Huntington family first found its way to the shores of the New World through the means of Simon Huntington, who emigrated from England (where he was born) in the year 1633. He was attacked with smallpox on the passage, died on shipboard, and his body was consigned to the ocean’s deep. His widow, Margaret, located at Roxbury, Mass, but finally removed to the State of Connecticut. Simon (the second generation in this country), from whom the subject of this sketch id descended, as, probably, born in England, in 1629; he was married to Sarah, daughter of Joseph Clark, of Windsor, Conn., and died at Norwich, June 28, 1706. Samuel (the third generation) was born in Norwich, March 1, 1665, married to Mary, daughter of William Clark, in 1686; he died May 16, 1717. Samuel (the fourth generation) was born in Norwich, Aug. 28, 1691, and lived to the green old age of ninety-four. Samuel (the fifth generation) was born in Lebanon, Oct. 16, 1723; he was married twice, and was a graduate of Yale college; he died March 20, 1797; Samuel (the sixth generation) was born in Canterbury, June 4, 1764; he was married three times, and removed in 1803 to the town of Middlefield, Otsego Count, N. Y., where he died Oct. 8, 1826. Samuel (the seventh generation) was born at East Haddam, Conn., Jan. 26, 1789, and was married Nov. 3, 1814, to Jenett Mosly, daughter of Josiah and Esther Gates. He removed with his father to Otsego County, where his wife died Dec. 5, 1848. He afterwards married, March 31, 1852, Mrs. Eliza Silliman, and died September, 1871. Samuel Gates, (the eighth generation) was born in Middlefield, Otsego County, n. Y. May 28, 1820, and married Jane H. Church, Sept. 31, 1848. She died June 5, 1851. He subsequently married Adelina Julia, daughter of Rev. Alvin and Viletta Parmalee, July 20, 1852. His family consisted of four children, viz., Helen Wilson, born Nov. 27, 18--; Agnes Church, Jan. 4, 1851; George Mason, Aug. 2, 1851; Alice Parmalee, Jan. 25, 1857; all being natives of the town of Middlefield, Otsego County. Thus, we have the genealogy of a family that has been in this country for about two hundred and fifty years. --------as they did in the days of the Pilgrim fathers, they have multiplied to that near the descendants of the old Pilgrim stock are to be found in every State of the Union.

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