The History of Otsego, NY 
Milford Village

By Holice and Debbie


Milford village is pleasantly situated in a broad valley, near the confluence of the Susquehanna river and Cherry Valley creek, and contained two churches.—Presbyterian and Methodist,--and the following business interests: general merchandise, Hawver & Liddel, James M. Parshall; hardware, Cronkite & Smith; tin and stoves, Sullivan Smith; drugs and groceries, O. D. Westcott; butter and cheese dealers, S. T. Pratt, B. L. Bates; hotels, C. Kinskerns, F. Pratt; tannery, W. E. Stickney.

The first town-meeting in "Suffrage," now Milford, was held at the house of Isaac collier, on Tuesday, the 5th day of April, 1796, when the following persons were elected:


James Moore

Town Clerk

Henry Scott

Commissioners of Highways

John Moore, Joel Stoddard, and Aaron Brink


John Bivins, Joseph Culver, Samuel Whitmarsh

Commissioners of Schools

David Cully, Samuel Doolittle, and Samuel Whitmarsh.

Overseers of the Poor

James Westcott and David Hamlin

Constables and Collectors

John Felton, Jr., and James Westcott

Poor Committee

David Cully, Henry Scott, and James Moore

Pound Master

Samuel Bidwell

Fence Viewers

Lemuel Sergeants, Samuel Doolittle, Aaron Brink, and Daniel French.

At this town-meeting the following "road wards" were designated, viz.:

First Ward

John Moore, pathmaster. "Beginning at the south line of Otsego town, from there to Moses Ford’s north line, and from the school-house to David Cully’s grist-mill."

Second Ward

Nehemiah Noyes, pathmaster. "From Moses Ford’s north line to Mathew Cully’s south line.,"

Third Ward.

James Westcott, pathmaster. "From Matthew Cully’s south line to the Hemlock bridge, between James Westcott’s and Isaac Collier’s."

Fourth Ward.

Isaac Collier, pathmaster. "From the aforesaid Hemlock bridge to Abraham Houghtailing’s creek."

Fifth Ward.

Aaron Brink, pathmaster.—"From the aforesaid Creek to the south line of the town."

Sixth Ward.

Reuben Jennings, pathmaster. "Beginning at DavidCollier’s grist-mill, from thence to John Blivins’ south line."

Seventh Ward

Philip Ellsworth, pathmaster. "From John Blivins’ South line to the main road at Samuel Doolittle’s."

Eighth Ward

Edmund Pattee, pathmaster. "Beginning at the Town line of Otego, and ending at the house of Reuben Jennings."

Ninth Ward.

Noah Ford, pathmaster. "Beginning at the Susquehanna River near the conjunction of Cherry Valley Creek with said River, and ending at the intersection of the road from David Cully’s mills to John Blivins’."

At this meeting it was also "Resolved, that where a creek or bridge is in the bounds of a ward, that each ward shall extend to the middle of such creek or bridge."

The following records appear on the town-books for the year 1797:

"June 19. License granted to David Hess, and a note taken for the sum of five dollars.

"March the 1st, 1798, permits to Mathew Cully, Isaac Collier, Isaac Edson, Daniel Hess, Aaron Brink, and James Westcott, and notes taken from each of them for the sum of five dollars.

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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