The History of Otsego, NY 
The Village of Portlandville

By Holice and Debbie


The village of Portlandville was situated on the Susquehanna River, in a narrow valley lying on both sides of the river between the Crumhorn hills on the east and high hills on the west. It contains three churches, viz.: Christian, Rev. Wm. Olin, pastor; Episcopal, Rev. James Smith, pastor; and Methodist Episcopal, Rev. A. B. Richardson pastor in charge.

It contains the following business interests: merchants, O. M. Soule and C. D. McLawry; grocer, W. H. Gurney; carriage-shop, Chauncey & Carpenter, and Nelson Cronkite; grist-mill, Julius Elwell; two saw-mills, Elwell, and Squires and Wright; hotel, J. W. Stephens; dentist, Ira Stephens; physicians, E. W. Spafford and J. thorn; attorneys, R. M. Townsend and M. S. Cook. There are also four blacksmiths.

Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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