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Dr. G. W. P. Wheeler was born in Bristol Co., Mass., Oct. 1, 1801. At the age of two years he, with his father and family, moved to Herkimer County. He lived there until he was eighteen years of age, at which place he acquired an academical education. During this time he devoted two years to mechanical business.

From there he removed to Esperance, Schoharie County, and gave his attention to the study of medicine in the office of Dr. Leonard. He then attended three courses of lectures at Berkshire Medical College, at Pittsfield, Mass., and graduated in the winter of 1827. He then established himself in partnership with Dr. Halsey Spencer, of Edmeston, Otsego County, for the practice of medicine. Continued with him for about two years, when he removed to Garrattsville, Otsego County, where he has continued to practice until the present time, and now, in his seventy-seventh year, he is as active as most of the younger practitioners of the county, and has as large and profitable a ride.

The subject of this sketch was married to Sally Webb, of Oxford, Chenango County, May 3, 1828. Of this union wre born four children, two sons and two daughters, viz.: Daniel was born Feb. 7, 1829; died March 3, 1831. Charlotte and Nancy were born Oct. 31, 1830; Charlotte died April 10, 1831. John was born Oct. 12, 1834.

Dr. Wheeler is still in the full possession of his faculties, and is honored and respected by all.

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