The History of Otsego, NY 
New Lisbon Churches

By Holice and Debbie


The pioneers of new Lisbon early manifested a deep interest in religious affairs, and in 1804 was organized the first religious society in the town,--the Baptist of New Lisbon. It was organized through the efforts of Elder S. Gregory.


The Methodist Episcopal Church at Garrattsville was organized in 1839, by the Rev. Mr. French. Among the first members were Daniel Harrington, C. gross, J. Gross. A. Gross, and Lyman Briggs.

The first officers of he church were H. House, B. D. Whitford, d. Herrington, C. Gross, J. R. Wing, S. wing, and J. Gross. Soon after the organization of the church a movement was started for the erection of a house of worship, and in 1841 the present edifice was erected at a cost of $1050; it was repaired and beautified in 1871. The first pastor of this church was the Rev. Mr. Hawley.

The church is now in a prosperous condition, having a membership of forty persons, and is under the pastoral care of Rev. H. A. Blanchard.

The present officers of the church are as follows: E. D. Hoag, F. O. Bingham, William Bell, James Perry, R. Bennington, and e. S. Hoag.


The first Congregational Church, located at Noblesville, was organized with eleven members, in April, 1805, by rev. N. Stone, of Connecticut, who became its first pastor. A church edifice was erected at an early day at a cost of about $1600. It was repaired in 1861.

This has in some respects been a remarkable church, as seven or more of its members` have become ordained ministers, and two of the female members missionaries to foreign lands.


This church, at Garrattsville, is yet but a preaching station, the church organization, proper being at Burlington. About six or seven years ago the church edifice was erected, and services are held in the afternoon, and at Burlington in the morning, by the officiating clergyman, Rev. T. A. Scott.

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