The History of Otsego, NY 
New Lisbon History

By Holice and Debbie



Organization — Geographical — Geological — First Settler and Their Locations — Early Events — Supervisors from 1807 to 1878 — Present Town Officers — Agricultural and General Statistics — Area — Equalized and assessed Valuation — Population — Churches — Military.

Upon the organization of Otsego County, in 1791, the territory embraced in the present town of New Lisbon comprised a portion of the town of Otsego. In 1792 it was embraced in the town of Burlington; in 1797 was set off from Burlington as Pittsfield; and April 7, 1806, was organized as Lisbon. It retained this name until April 6, 1808, when it was changed to its present name.

It is an interior town, lying west of the centre of the county, and is bounded as follows: on the north by Edmeston and Burlington; on the east by Hartwick and Laurens; on the south by Laurens and Morris; and one the west by Morris and Pittsfield.

The surface of New Lisbon presents a varied scene of hills and valleys. The highest summits range from 300 to 500 feet above the valleys.

The town is well watered, the principal streams being Butternuts Creek, which flows southwest through the western part, and the west branch of the Otsego Creek, which takes a southerly course through the eastern part. There are two small lakes in the town,--Turtle Lake, in the northwest part, and Gilbert’s Lake, on the south border, neat the centre.

The soil of New Lisbon consist chiefly of a clay and slaty loam, and is well adapted to grazing. It is purely an agricultural town.

This town was settled before the War of the Revolution. The first settlers date back to 1773, when Increase Thurston and Benjamin Lull and sons located in the southwest part, near the town of Morris. Numerous descendants of Increase Thurston are still residents of the town, and Joel Thurston occupies the old homestead. The Lulls were more closely identified with the history of the town of Morris, where numerous representatives of that honored name still reside.

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