Otsego Town, Otsego,NY
History of Otsego Town
By Holice and Debbie

Town of Otsego

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This is the oldest town in the county, and was organized as a part of Montgomery county, March 7, 1788. As originally formed, it include, in addition to its present territory, all that embraced within the bounds of Richfield, Plainfield, Exeter, Burlington, Edmeston, Hartwick, New Lisbon, Pittsfield, Milford, Laurens, Morris, Onteonta, butternuts, and Unadilla. It is an interior town, lying north of the centre of the county, and is bound as follows: on the north by the towns of Exeter, Richfield, and Springfield; on the east by Otsego lake and Middlefield; on the south by Hartwick; and on the west by Hartwick, Burlington, and Exeter. Its surface consists mainly of a hilly upland, divided into ridges by Fly and Oak creeks. The soil is a clay, gravel, and sandy loam.

The settlement of the town was commenced as early as 1788 and 1789. Among the first who ventured into the wilderness were two brothers, Asel and Dr. William Jarvis, who located at what is now know as Fly creek. They were prominent citizens, and the latter was the first practicing physician in the vicinity. Chester, Dwight, and Kent, sons of Asel Jarvis, were also enterprising citizens, and prominent in the old militia organizations. (History of Otsego, NY, Duane Hamilton Hurd, 1878)

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Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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September 24, 1999

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