Otsego Town, Otsego, NY
By Holice and Debbie

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The first Methodist Episcopal church of the town of Otsego was organized in the year 1813, with the following members, viz., Jonah and Esther Sprague; Reuben and Elsie Whipple, son and daughter' George and Alice Roberts; also George, Jr., S. R., Sophia, and Sally Roberts; Joseph Perkins and Alice, his wife; William Holsbert, and Amos Babcock and his wife. The society erected a church edifice in 1835, located on Fitch Hill. It is a plain building; in size, about 24 by 30 feet. The church has a present membership of about twenty persons, and is in charge of Rev. James Ryder.


Was organized in about the year 1812 by Rev. Seth Mattison, with the following, members. Viz., Benjamin Gallap, Celinda Gallap, David Marvin, Geo. Roberts, Eleanor Williams, Sally Rutember, and perhaps some others. Rev. Seth Mattison was the first pastor, and Geo. Roberts, John Abbey, and Clowell Gross trustees. Previously to the erection of the church edifice, services were held in the old Episcopal chapel. The church building was erected in 1839, is 40 by 60 in size, and cost $1500. The church was dedicated by Dr. Elias Bowen. The church building was repaired and remodeled in 1874, at a cost of $2500. It is a neat and substantial structure, and its seating capacity is three hundred. The church is in a prosperous condition, and its membership numbers one hundred and sixty persons. The present officers are as follows, viz., Rev. James Ryder, pastor; Henry Bliss; J. H. Johnson, James Woodbeck, S. C. Bailey, Chas. Babbitt, Daniel Carpenter, and Bussell Brownell, trustees.


Located at Fly Creek was organized March 20, 1828, with a membership of twenty-one. The first pastor was Rev. Samuel Manning. The church edifice was erected in about the year 1840, at a cost of $1600.


Located at Fly Creek was organized in 1805, and is said to have been the first church of this denomination formed in the state of New York.

The church edifice was erected in 1820, and remodeled in 1861. The present pastor is Rev. E. E. Peck.


Was organized in the Hope factory school-house. In 1855, by Rev. M. L. Kern. The first officers were Cornelius Teachout, George Kirby, and Andrew Losee. The first pastor was Rev. J. L. Wells, and the first members of the church were C. Teachout and wife, Cornelia Mercer, E. Teachout and wife, T. Teachout, Abigail Teachout, William Beach, Maria Beach, A. Evans and wife, Levi Silvernail and wife, M. Alpaugh and wife, and S. Bristol and wife.

The church edifice was erected in 1859, at a cost of $1000, and was dedicated by Revs. J. Shank, J. L. wells, and S. Comfort, D. D.

The present officers of the church are as follows: Trustees, Elkanah Teachout,, Andrew Losee; Class-leader, John Berry; Stewards, H. Winser, John Berry, and A. Losee.

The following have served the church as pastors from its organization to the present time: J. L. Wells, two years; W. R. Cochran, one year; W. C. McDonald, two years; George Watson, two years; Isaac Peaslee, two years; W. L. Thorpe, three years; H. M. Crydenwise, two years; W. A. Wadsworth, one year; A. S. Clarke, three years; W. M. Hiller, present pastor, one year. The present membership is 50. (The History of Otsego, NY, by Duane Hamilton Hurd, 1878)

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Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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