Otsego Town, Otsego, NY
Whipple & Hexoc Biographies
By Holice and Debbie

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This gentleman was born in the town of Otsego, Otsego Co., N. Y. Sept. 21, 1834, the youngest child of Seth and Eunice Whipple. His father was born Feb. 20, 1793, in Hardwick, Mass. About the year 1818 he came to Otsego County, and settled on a farm situated in that portion of the town of Otsego known as Metcalf Hill. He was married, Feb. 4, 1821, to Eunice Matcalf, daughter of Tracy and Sally Metcalf, who were among the early settlers of the town. She was born May 30, 1797. Their children were as follows: Chiron Tracy, born Dec. 20, 1821; married to Caroline Hicks, by whom he had two children, Efinger E. and Clarence F.; he died in Janesville, Wis., Aug. 23, 1849. Napoleon, born Sept. 24, 1823; still living. Sophia, born Nov. 19, 1825; wife of Delos A. Thayer, a farmer living in Otsego. Catharine, born Feb. 10, 1828; living with her brother, Fenimore. Fenimore C., the subject of this sketch, born Sept. 21, 1834. The father died Oct. 6, 1848; the mother Nov. 29, 1875.

The subject of this sketch has always lived on the place of his nativity, and owns and carries on the "homestead" farm, having purchased the interest of the heirs. He was married, Feb. 10, 1861, to Lydia E. Clark, daughter of Thomas and Armilla Clark. Her father was a native of Rhode Island; her mother of the town of Laurens, Otsego Co., N. Y. He father was twice married. By his first wife he hd children as follows: Caroline, Delos, Sarah, Phares, and Diana. By his second wife, Lydia E, (Mrs. Whipple), Mary J., and Asenath O. The children of the first wife are all settled in Wisconsin. Mrs. Whipple's sisters are both married and living in the town of Hartwick, Otsego County.

Since their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Whipple have lived on the old homestead, which has been added to and much improved and is now one of the finest farm-houses in the town. They have children as follows: Minnie J., born Feb. 21, 1866, and Claude E., born Oct. 1, 1871, both living at home.

Mr. Whipple is a Republican in politics. On another page of this work may be found a view of the home, with portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Whipple.


Samuel Hecox, grandfather to the subject of this sketch, was a native of Connecticut, and in 1815 bought and settled on the farm in the town of Otsego which has since been held in the family.

The subject of this sketch was born at the homestead, Dec. 30, 1836, the eldest child of Nathaniel and Margaret E. Hecox. His father was born Feb. 9, 1804; his mother, whose maiden name was McFee, was born July 13, 1810. They had two children,--Francis and Mary C. The latter was born Nov. 22, 1845, and married Sherman Wort, son of Hon. Azariah Wort, of Sandy Creek, Jan. 6, 1872. They have one daughter, Mabel.

Upon the death of his father, which occurred Sept. 4, 1859, the estate was left to his wife, son, and daughter. Francis purchased his sister's interest, and thus became the owner of two-thirds of the property. He was married, Oct. 15, 1863, to Phebe A. Barton, daughter of Hiram and Nancy Barton. Mrs. Hecox was born Aug. 31, 1840. They have four children,--two sons and two daughters,--viz., George B., born Sept. 6, 1864; Eleanor M., born Jan. 3, 1867; Hiram, born June 14, 1869; Gracie, born Jan. 18, 1876; all living at home.

Mr. Hecox has a farm of 250 acres, and one of the best in the township. It is devoted principally to dairying. He is a stanch Republican, and has always taken an active interest in local politics. He has been twice elected road commissioner, for terms of three years each. A representation of his home appears on another page of this work.

*The History of Otsego, NY, by Duane Hamilton Hurd, 1878

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