The History of Otsego, NY 
Plainfield Churches

By Holice and Debbie


The Welch Congregational Church of Plainfield was organized in 1861. The first pastor was Rev. Hugh R. Williams. The services of the society were held in an old ball-room until 1869, when the present church edifice at Plainfield Centre was erected and dedicated, the dedicatory services being conducted by Re. Mr. Williams. The building is 30 by 40 feet in size, and cost about $3,000.

The first officers of the church were Francis G. Griffiths, Owen Jones, and Wm. C. Richards, and the present officers are Francis G. Griffiths, and Wm. C. Richards.

The present pastor, Rev. Hugh R. Williams, has officiated for the church for over nine years. The services are conducted in the Welch language. Membership, 105.


The Free-Will Baptist Church of Plainfield was organized sometime prior to 1800, but the exact date cannot be ascertained. The first pastor was Elder Straight. Among the first members were Deacon Waitstill Crumb, Sr., and Waitstill Crumb, Jr., Thomas Fish, Jacob Moors, Amasa Dodge, and Deacons Parley Philips and Waitstill Fuller.

The first church building was erected soon after the organization of the society, but upon the formation of the town of Winfield, Herkimer county in 1816, a part of Plainfield was annexed upon which stood the church.

In 1832 the present church building was erected in Unadilla Forks.

The present trustees are Parley Philips, Palmer Gates, L. J. Wing, Rufus Daggett, D. Bassett, and Collins Burdick.

The church has a membership of 100.


The Baptist church of Unadilla Forks was organized June 5, 1817, by a council of delegates, as follows: From the First Baptist church of Winfield, Jonathan Palmer, Jr.; from Edmeston, Elder Stephen Taylor, Nathan Wright, Chauncey Hopkins, Roger Southerland, and Stephen W. Taylor; from the second Church of Winfield, Elder Ebenezer Vising, Ethol Palmer, Jonathan Jones, and E. Palmer; from the church in Brookfield, Elders Thos. Dye, and Joshua Wells, Eleazer Brown, Luther Hinkley, Nathan Brown (2d), and Daniel Main; from the church in Paris, Daniel Budlong, John Budlong, James Rhodes, and John Davis.

The first pastor was Rev. Joshua Wells.

The first house of worship was erected in about 1830, at a cot of about $1,500.

The church is now in a prosperous condition, with a membership of 65.

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