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The subject of this sketch was born in the town of Exeter, Otsego Co., N. Y., Jan. 19,1829. The family were originally from Connecticut. Eliphalet Brockway, the grandfather of our subject, was one of the early settlers of Exeter; he located hat the foot of Schuyler’s Lake, where or many years he kept a hotel. Mr. Brockway’s early life was spent upon his father’s farm. He received a good common-school education, which he made practically useful to himself and others by teaching. In 1855 he moved to the town of Winfield, where he ws engaged in farming; from thence he came to Richfield. Since coming into the town he has been extensively identified with the dairy interest. In 1869 he sold his arm of 230 acres, and removed to Monticello, and has since been extensively engaged in the manufacture of cheese. He is the proprietor of seven factories, which produced last year (1877) about 700,000 pounds. As a cheesemaker, he holds an enviable reputation, and his cheese commands the highest price in the market.

In 1855, Mr. Brockway married Miss Alpha, daughter of Colonel Almon Crandall, of Herkimer, and granddaughter of Otis Cook, one of the first settlers of the town of Exeter. They have been blessed with four children, all of whom are living at home. In politics Mr. Brockway is a stanch Republican. He has been called to fill several positions of trust, the duties of which he has discharged to the entire satisfaction of his constituents. In 1877 he was elected supervisor of the town, and as an evidence of his ability and popularity we have only to say that he was re-elected for the term of 1878 by an increased majority.

Mr. Brockway is a man of fine business ability, and a courteous, affable gentlemen. By his individual efforts he has attained success in every department of life.


Norman R. Baker, was born in Salisbury, Herkimer Co., N. Y., June 5, 1828. He was the son of Hamilton Baker and Alma Rose. The elder Baker was born Aug. 13, 1806; he was a blacksmith by trade, and for several years carried on business in Herkimer County. In 1838 he came to Richfield with his family, and purchased 124 acres of land, which is a part of the farm now owned by his son Norman, which consists of 257 acres, and is one of the largest and most productive dairy farms in the town. The elder Baker resided upon his farm until his death, which occurred in 1873.

In 1849, Mr. Baker was married to Miss Julia L. Stewart, of Richfield. She died in 1864; and in the same year he was again married, taking for his companion Miss Jean A. Eason. She was born in Oswego County in 1835. By his first wife he had six children, four of whom are now living; by his second wife, three children.

Mr. Baker is ranked among the successful and enterprising farms of his own, and is extensively known for his strict integrity and high social qualities. He is a man of thrift and energy, and worthy of he honorable position he holds among his fellow-citizens.


Stephen Clapsaddle was born in the town of Columbia, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Dec. 8, 1806. He was the son of Dennis and Elizabeth Clapsaddle. The elder Clapsaddle was a son of Major Dennis Clapsaddle, s a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and fell to the battle of Oriskany. In 1800 the family emigrated to Herkimer County, where Dennis, the father of our subject, resided until his death, which occurred in 1842.

In 1867, Stephen moved to the town of Richfield, and purchased the farm where he now resides,--a view of which can be seen elsewhere. In 1846, Mr. Clapsaddle married Miss Eliza, daughter of William and Laura Brown, who were among the early settlers of Richfield, where Mrs. Clapsaddle was born in the year of 1818. Mr. and Mrs. Clapsaddle have been blessed with five children, four of whom are now living.

Mr. Clapsaddle has passed his threescore and ten, is still in the enjoyment of good health and all his faculties, and is surrounded by an excellent family. He is enjoying in his old age the fruits of a well-spent life. Possessed of many virtues and few faults, he is loved and respected by all, and well worthy of the honorable position he holds among his fellow-townsmen.

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