Richfield Military Records
Civil War 

By Holice and Debbie


The following enlisted from Richfield in the late war of the Rebellion. This list was compiled by Melvin Tuller in 1868, and amended by Parker D. Fay, Esq., in 1878.

Edgar Cary

enl in Co. F, 2d Cav, Sept. 17, 1861

Oliver Carson

enl in Co. A, 2d Cav, Sept. 15, 1861; re-enl; wounded at Winchester

Samuel Chase

enl in 2d. N Y Cav, Sept 15, 1861; re-enlisted; and died in Prison at Andersonville

James H. Brown

enl in 2d N Y Cav, Sept 15, 1861

Murty Keough

enl in 2d N Y Cav, Sept. 15, 1861; wounded; and re-enl Dec. 1863

Parker D. Coleman

enl in 2d N Y Cav, Sept. 15, 1861

George Thomas

enl in 2d N Y Cav, Sept. 15, 1861; wounded; taken Prisoner and died

Wm. Norris

enl in Co. F 2d N Y Cav., Sept. 15, 1861

Weston Waterman

enl in 76th N Y Inf, Oct. 1861; dis May 17, 1862

Thomas Weldon

, 1st Lieut, enl in 76th N Y In, Oct. 1861; killed Aug. 1864

Delevan Harrington

enl in 44th N Y Inf.

George Starr

Capt, enl in 4th Ill Cav, killed May 15, 1864

The rest were not readable so are not here.

More Enlistees

Frederick Volgt

Wm. McAnnek

N. L. Wendell

John Moran

G. S. Lackerman

John Hillroy

Henry Dutcher

Alonzo Edick,Lieut

Eugene Powell

Wm. Bennett

John Amos

Newton Long

Delos Jones

Wallace Long

Nelson Wendell

Jesse Burgess

James Layton

Jerry Cronan

Ambrose Dutcher

George Weldon

Richard Weldon

David Williams

Wm. Swift

Alonzo Hammond

Peter Uson

John Meloy

Thomas Walters, Leiut.


Israel Bressey

Wm. Hatford

Wm. Stilwell

B. Shecky

Bernard Williams

John Carroll

Valentine Roblinson

Wm. Lofton

Henry Blake

Joseph McNamee

John Greiger

Charles Ragan

John Calety

John Blimer

Patrick Canell

Patrick Higgins

Michael Kenedy

Patrick Hughs

Michael Dunn

James Hallman

Peter Meilie

Luke Healy

James Welsh

Wm. Ross

Wm. Widle

Patrick Whelan

John Alton

Benj. Chambelin

Henry Smith

Thomas Cartlin

John Flaherty

Wm. Grady

Thomas Drummond

David Black

John Lawles

Philip Meisel

John Scranton

James Flynn

John Kelly

Thomas Ward

G. E. Colley

Wallace Taylor

Peter Mcintyre

Samuel Robert

Samuel Burt

George Burton

Edward Bixby

Wm. Weber

Wm. Flynn

Peter Eyre

Horace Davis

Alonzo Clemmont

John Butler

Richard Brown

Joshua Webster



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