The History of Otsego, NY

By Holice and Debbie


This religious organization was effected in about the year 1790, and the first church building was erected in 1823. It was 40 by 60 feet in size, and cost $1,300. This society has had but two church edifices. The present one is 52 by 36 feet, and was erected at a cost of $2,500. The first trustees of this church were as follows: Edward Mills, W. Fellows, J. Perry, A. Van Dusen, and John North. The present trustees are John Hall, W. H. Platner, W. H. Tyler, N. Banker, and H. Bell. The church has a present membership of 113, and is under the pastoral care of Rev. Albert F. Brown, to whom we are indebted for its history.


This is one of the old religious organizations of the county, having been formed in 1800 by Rev. T. Bushnell. The first pastor who officiated for the church was Rev. George Colton. Among the first members were Charles Mason, James Babcock, John Manning, and Josiah Hubbard. The first church building was erected in 1809, on the site of the present edifice. This was repaired and remodeled in 1852. Among the ministers who have officiated for this church were Messrs. Caldwell, Keys, Baldwin, Gilbert, Clark, Moore, and Campbell. The present trustees are Garrett Roseboom, Robert S. Hall, and H. E. Draper.


This church was organized by Rev. Elijah Spafford in 1825. At its organization it consisted of sixteen members. It was not until about ten years after its formation that a church edifice was erected. This was superseded in 1860 by the present building, which was erected at a cost of $1,000.


This church organization was effected in 1838 by Rev. Timothy Minor, the first rector. The church building was erected in 1840. In 1867 it was repaired, and is now a comfortable and convenient house of worship. The present wardens are Andrew Snyder and David Kelso; vestrymen, Nathan Bidlake and Revillo Holmes. The church is at present in a more prosperous condition than it has known for many years past. Rev. Theodore A. Snyder is the rector.


Of Westville was organized in 1830, with forty-four members. The first settled pastor was the Rev. Benjamin Savin. The first church edifice was erected at about the same time with the organization of the society. The present neat and substantial edifice was erected in 1871.



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