Westford Military Record
Civil War 

By Holice and Debbie


The following named enlisted from the town during the war of the Rebellion. Our thanks or this list are due to J. K. Tyler, Esq., of Westford, and to the superintendent of the bureau of military statistics at Albany:

George C. Allen

lieut., enl in 51st Regt in 1861; killed while leading his men in a charge at the battle of Newbern, N. C., March 12, 1863.

Philer Prindle

col. in the 51st Regt, in 1861; died in camp in 1861

Raymond L. Wright

enl in the cavalry in 1861 and was killed in a charge at the battle of Winchester, Va., Sept. 13, 1864

Henry Wright

enl in 82nd. Regt., Jan. 1863, and was killed on skirmish line at Cold Harbor, Va., in June, 1864

Augustus Hoag

enl in the 7th H. Art.; was taken prisoner at Spottsylvania, Va., in May, 1864, and died at Andersonville

Wilbur Mosier

enl early in the war, and was wounded in the Wilderness, May 6, 1864; captured by the enemy, and died a prisoner

John Lansing

col in the 121st Regt. in 1863; killed at the battle of Salem Church, Va., May 3, 1863

Geo. Quackenbush

col in the 121st Regt., in 1863; served till the close of the war—the last two years as lieut in charge of an ambulance train

Sewell LaValley

col in the 121st Regt.; was in the ranks until April, 1864; when he was detailed as Brigade middler(?), and served as such to the close of the war

Augustus Baldwin

enl in the 121st Regt. in 1862; was wounded in the hip at the battle of Spottsylvania, May 12, 1864; dis at close of war

Samuel G. Crawford

enl in the 121st Regt in 1862

Albert Bell

enl in the 121st Regt in 1862

Shadrack Lanphere

enl in the 121st Regt. in 1862

Nicholas Banker

enl in the 121st Regt. in 1862; was in all battles of the regiment until May 10, 1864, when he was wounded by a shell from a Union battery; he remained in the field, and about two months thereafter took his place in the ranks; mustered out with the regiment

John K. Tyler

enl in the 121st Regt.; he served in the ranks and shared the fortunes of the regiment every day from first to last; never had a ride in an ambulance or a berth in a hospital; he was the only man of the one hundred who went out in Co. G. that participated in all of the battles, and came out without a wound

Moses D. Bentley

enl in Co. E, 1st Engineers, Oct. 29, 1864; dis June 20, 1865

Warren Wright

enl in Co. E, 1st Engineers, Aug. 29, 1864; dis July 21, 1865

William I. Whitney

enl in Co. D, 3rd Cav, Aug. 22, 1864; dis June 7, 1865

Charles H. Landish

enl in Co. E., 14th H. Art. Oct. 16, 1863; dis Aug. 26, 1865

Charles W. Boyce

enl in Co. D, 30th Mich. Inf. Dec. 29, 1864; dis in 1865

Harrison Petts

enl in the 76th Regt. in 1861; dis in 1863

D. R. Lowell

enl in Co. G, 121st Regt, Sept. 12, 1864; lost arm at Sailor’s Creek

S. W. Graffield

enl in Co. E. 1st Engineers, Aug. 29, 1864; died in 1865

Wm. E. Wright

enl in Sept. 1864; in the 3rd Cav.; served to the close of the war

Philetus P. Bentley

enl in the 152nd Regt.; wounded; served during the war

Geo. Winans

enl in the 152nd Regt., wounded; served during the war

John Cook

, enl in the 51st Regt.; lost a leg, which caused his death

Ambrose J. Cook

served in the service almost four years, regiment not known

Raselus Haskins

enl in the 121st. Regt., in 1864

Almarin Baldwin

enl in the cavalry, and received an honourable discharge

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