Dingee Bible Records
Submitted by "Kris Morison"

Family Bible(s?) in possession of a relative in Westchester Co., NY. Copies obtained by Richard Schmitt of Mount Kisco , NY . Transcription of photocopies done 5 March 1996 by Kris Morison [ #s in (. . .) refer to footnotes]

hester Dingee Was

Bournd July the 8 1833 (1)

James Seely Dingee

_as Bournd July th 2 1834

Roady Jane Dingee

_as Bournd July the 2 1860 (2)

_son An Dingee Was

_ournd January the 31 1862

_hn J. Dingee Was

_urnd March the 30 1864

_mes Seely Dingee Was

_ournd Becemder the 18 1867

_arah Emla Dingee

_ornd June the 16 1870

Mary Dingee Bornd 1872

Septender the : : : 1

(illegible) Dingee Was born

August the 16 1874




Zephineah Dingee

June the 1.. 1865 (4)

Elizabeth Dingee

(3) 1872



Zepheniah _ingee

was born August 15th 1___

Elizabeth Dingee was born (5) April 7th 1798 (6)

Roswell Dingee was bor_(7)

April 23rd 1809 (8)

Sarah Dingee was b_n(7)

September 26th 1811

Li_ia Dingee was born

March 15th 1813

Har_iet Dingee was born

July 13th 1815

Deborah A Dingee was born

January 24th 181_

Hannah Dingee was born

May 20th 1821 (9)

Clara Dingee was bor

September the 20th 1823


Silas Dingee was born

December 25th 1825

Andrew J. Dingee was

bor July 24th 1829 (10)

James S. Dingee was (11)

Born July 2nd 1834 (12)



Clara Dingee ___(13)

September the 20 1823 (14)

Silas Dingee was Born

(15) _mber 25 1825

(15) _rew Jackson w__

Born July the 2nd 182_



Rosel Di____(13)(15)

Born April th 23

_ally Dingee was

born Septem____

the 26 1811

Luddy Dingee was Borne

March the 15 1813

Harriet Dingee was Born

July the 13 1815

Deborah an was Borne

Januarey the 24 1819

Hannah Dingee was Born

May the 20 1821


Zepheniah Dinge_

was Born August

the 15 1787

Elizabeth Dingee

was Born March

the 7 1790




Celina Parrent Dingee

was borned November 27

th 1877 (16)


[Transcriptionist Notes: It is unknown what the overall condition of the Bible is, and if these photocopies were taken from more than one Bible. It appears that is the case. A photocopy should be made of the front page of (the or each) Bible to show date of publishment for authenticity and determination of accuracy. There is no mention of the Head family, however, Dick Schmitt has knowledge that Bible records for them exist. Either there are other Bibles OR the Head family records have not been copied from these Bibles. I have tried to copy these records exactly as they appear, including spelling errors. Where there is a measured amount of difficulty in deciphering the writing, I have so noted.]


(1) The year 1833 appears to have originally been written as another date ending in a "4", but has been written over as "33".

(2) The year 1860 appears to have originally been written as 1861 with a "0" written over the "1" to make it look like "1860".

(3) There appears to be more faint writing but it is illegible, if existant.

(4) The date reads as "1165" as the "8" appears to have been written over.

(5) Immediately preceding "April" is "Mar_" which has been crossed out.

(6) The date appears to read "1798" as an "8" has been written over the last number.

(7) There is a fold in the page here, but wording is legible.

(8) Month is difficult to read at first, but I firmly believe it to be April.

(9) Year could be 1820

(10) Date of "1829" appears to have had the "8" written over with a "7" so that it appears to read "1729".

(11) James' middle initial appears to read as "J".

(12) James' year of birth appears to read as "1734" as the "8" has been written over with a "7"

(13) The page is turned over here.

(14) Date appears to read 1873 until closer inspection.

(15) Page is ripped here.

(16) It appears that the year of date was originally "1878" with the last "8" written over with a "7".

Submitted by "Kris Morison"
Copyright 2006
"Kris Morison"
Thank You - Kris

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